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Bauer Hybrid Shield

  • Bauer Hybrid Shield
  • Bauer Hybrid Shield
  • Bauer Hybrid Shield
  • Bauer Hybrid Shield
  • Bauer Hybrid Shield

  • Bauer Hybrid Shield
  • Bauer Hybrid Shield
  • Bauer Hybrid Shield
  • Bauer Hybrid Shield
  • Bauer Hybrid Shield

Bauer Hybrid Shield

Item #: bauer-cs-1043035

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Bauer Hybrid Shield

  • Bauer Hybrid Shield
  • Bauer Hybrid Shield
  • Bauer Hybrid Shield
  • Bauer Hybrid Shield
  • Bauer Hybrid Shield

  • Bauer Hybrid Shield
  • Bauer Hybrid Shield
  • Bauer Hybrid Shield
  • Bauer Hybrid Shield
  • Bauer Hybrid Shield

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  • Combines the airflow of a wire cage with the excellent visibility of a shield
  • Enhanced peripheral vision
  • High-impact, polycarbonate shield
  • Improved anti-fog coating
  • Strategic vent locations
  • Floating chin-cup
  • CSA, HECC, CE Certified
  • Wire Color: Silver

Product Questions

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Will this cage fit on a Cascade M11 Large helmet? Thanks!
Will it fit on the warrior krown 360?
Will this face shield work on Mission helmet size small? Thanks!
Will this fit an Easton helmet?
My son is a Squirt hockey player. He has a Bauer Re-Akt 100 S (I think the S is the size, the number on the size tag has faded from perspiration but I believe it is 6 1/2,7). Will this combo visor fit? What is the correct size to order? The cage currently on the helmet has a label sizing it as Small, it has a type listed as B1.
How can I order a shield replacement for this model?
What hardware comes with this unit? My helmet is missing one snap button for the chin strap, is that included with this kit?

Also, will this fit a Bauer bhh2100m?
WILL THIS FIT A bauer IMS 5.0 hockey helmet?
Will this fit a CCM helmet even though it is made by Bauer??

Customer Reviews

Love it!

I have never liked cages but I also do not want to risk serious injuries to my face so I wore one. This mask is ideal because you get plenty of air flow on the ice. If you keep your helmet in a bag within your hockey bag and keep a microfiber towel on the bench it will not scratch at all. If you use any anti fog spray on the visor it will prevent almost all fogginess. Sure, when you are on the bench it can steam up a bit. Honestly, you do not even need to wipe it down then because as soon as you hit the ice it will clear up. Awesome mask, would recommend and will buy again if/when this one wears out!

Review by Alex (Posted on 5/4/2017)
Much better then a full cage.

I have had this product over a year now and I love now as much as I did when I first started using it. I never liked wearing a full cage but I don't want to deal with busted lips and broken teeth so I just put up with the limited visibility. That is until I found this hybrid cage. The visibility is great and while it can get a little foggy late in a game it clears right up as soon as I hit the ice and start skating.

Review by Paul (Posted on 2/21/2017)
Good in theory, flawed in practice

Purchased for my son who desperately wanted a visor style facemask. I was always skeptical of the usefulness of that style- they scratch and fog- no better visibility than a cage when that happens. First problem was fitting the "universal" visor onto my sons helmet. We were eventually successful, but it took some serious elbow grease. He wore the mask for 4 summer tournament games and 3 and 2/3 regular season travel hockey games- a relatively mild, but high hit broke the mask and he had to sit out the last period of play. Going back to the regular cage mask. Better visibility is not worth the risk of a serious injury.

Review by Stephanie (Posted on 10/3/2016)
Good face protection but has limitations

I hate cages, and this was supposed to be my savior. I really like this combo cage but after using it one night, I realized that my local rink is just too hot to restrict air from hitting my face. I would gladly continue to use this in colder environments, but my local rink is like a sauna. This cage came with all the mounting hardware, and it feels very sturdy. The unobstructed view is awesome. It didn't fog up on me, but I can't say how long that will last. The thing I don't like about visors is their ability to get scratched so easily. Using a cloth to clean your visor will immediately start the process of hairline scratches. A good stick or puck to the face will probably render it useless. The massive scratch would probably drive you nuts. This is more of a half and half combo whereas I seem to remember a similar product years ago that was mostly wire cage with a smaller visor attached. Would like to find that again. Overall, good face protection but has its limitations.

Review by Infantry Hockey (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Great for men's league

I picked this up after having the old half cage half visor from Bauer. It's much lighter than the previous models. I play play in Texas and have not had 1 issue with fogging after about 10 games.A little condensation around the mouth, but that's always a given. The extra inch of cage really helps with airflow and isnt even noticable.

Review by ChapICE (Posted on 7/24/2016)

i received one of these for christmas. i was very skeptical to try one of these out based on the reviews i saw on pretty much any shield (fogging, hard to clean, scratches, etc.) bottom line is, if you take care of it - this thing is worth every penny. vision is vastly improved . all you need is a micro fiber cloth on the bench incase you get some water splashed on the inside. this thing is a HUGE step up from a cage. store it in an old shirt, or buy a helmet bag if you think its necessary - prevent scratches from being in your bag. has never fogged on me. hybrid design allows good breathability. highly recommended.

Review by Lou (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Just like any visor its fogs

Visor, is lightweight, looks good, easy to attach, fair priced. However after 6 games its now a foggy mess. I have to spray it with pledge to keep it clear or constantly wipe it after every shift

Review by APAR (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Scratched during play

My son loved visibility and it did not fog but two weeks into purchase during hit kid came up high with hands , marked shield won't come out , not worth it didn't last only couple weeks

Review by Tdw (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Great option over a full cage

Would I prefer to play without a visor or cage? Sure, but it's just not worth the risk to me - anymore. Like with any visor, in-game scratches are just inevitable. I wrap mine in an old shirt to protect it in my bag. I've tried several times to play with a full cage and just cannot do it. This is a great option if you'd rather not take a shot to the mouth. I went from a half shield to this, and first game out, I honestly didn't notice the cage portion at all. If ultra competitive hockey is in your rearview mirror, and, like me, a full cage drives you nuts, I'd seriously consider this product.

Review by FourthLineAllStar (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Loved it twice, not so much now

First one I bought lasted a few months. Did get some scratches, but that's expected. It fogs like any other shield I've used, but rub some liquid dawn on it before the game and it's not an issue. It cracked where the cage inserts into the shield on both sides and also at the top where the clips hold it to the helmet. Loved it enough to buy a second one. 5 skates in it is cracked on both sides where the cage inserts into the shield as well. I do play more of a grinder style of hockey, but no instance comes to mind in the past 5 skates. That's a bit annoying. Will not be buying a 3rd one, so now I'm left with finding an alternative as I hate wearing a full cage.

Review by Tim (Posted on 7/24/2016)

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