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Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3 Int. Hockey Stick

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The terms Strength and Power have become synonymous with Bauer's Supreme stick line. That's because the line has been engineered to boost energy output. They have a mid-kick flex profile, which means a stiffer lower shaft and softer middle, allowing you to easily load the stick. You'll also find the Supreme power taper throughout the line, which further stiffens that bottom portion of the shaft in such a way that reduces the likelihood of twisting and torquing. These two forces combine for powerful and explosive shots that are also precise and controlled. If you liked the NXG, it is the predecessor to the Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3, with the addition of improvements that reduce overall blade weight, improve stick balance and durability.

Bauer has an artillery of stick technology that they have unleashed on this stick. Monocomp technology is a single molding process which allows them to remove excess material, thus improving both performance consistency and balance. Their exclusive TeXtreme® technology is a strong carbon fiber that is 20% lighter than conventional carbon and is visibly recognizable throughout the stick because of its distinct large checker board pattern.

The eLASTech resin system is not a visible technology, but still plays a very important role. In order to extend the life of the sticks "pop" and improve the overall durability of the stick, reinforcements have been added to the resin which can be found throughout the entire stick. These reinforcements simply reduce the spread of micro-fractures, which could otherwise spread into a catastrophic break. Also synonymous with the Supreme stick line is the square shaft shape with double-concave walls. The MX3 Tac-Spiral ridges on the underside of the shaft are slightly different than what you may have been used to on the NXG, however, they still provide added feel and security no matter what shot you are taking.

As you transition through the Supreme power taper from the shaft to the blade, another important piece of visible technology is the Pure Shot Blade Profile. This is where the throat expands slightly as you move into the blade portion of the stick. This wider profile increases stiffness in that zone, which further reduces the likelihood of twisting and torquing of the blade - enhancing shot accuracy and blade control.

Probably the biggest improvement from the NXG can be found in the blade core. The MX3 uses Power Sense 2 - a combination of Power Sense core, Aero Foam 3 and SENSE material that has been integrated into the full wrap of the blade. SENSE material can also be found in Bauer's Nexus 8000 and Vapor APX2 models and is excellent at absorbing energy, which translates to improved feel. It also reduces blade weight and probably most importantly increases blade durability. You will also find a bit of texture to the outer coating of the blade, which is an elite-level feature that provides improved puck feel with pass reception.

Armed with Bauer's best stick technologies, the true one-piece Supreme TotalOne MX3 has been engineered to add more power and strength to your shot, all while providing enhanced feel and durability. Available in a matte or Griptac finish. Bombs away . . .

Player Profile Designed for explosive power, particularly on slapshots and one-timers. Proclaimed to offer "The Hardest Shot in Hockey"
Kick Point / Flex Profile Amplified mid kick point
Shaft Construction Monocomp - true one-piece stick using single molding process. TeXtreme ® technology - ultra lightweight and strong carbon fiber with eLASTech technology - resin with carbon nanotube reinforcements
Shaft Geometry Supreme power shaft with MX3 TACTILE - Square corners and double concave walls and ridged texture on underside
Shaft Coating Griptac or Matte
Shaft Taper .520" Supreme Power Taper - thicker hosel dimension for mid kick
Blade Core Power sense 2 - Aero Foam 3 heel and Power SENSE Core plus full SENSE integration in the wrap. Pure Shot Blade Profile - expanded throat design
Blade Wrap TeXtreme ® technology - ultra lightweight and strong carbon fiber
Blade Coating Matte finish with texture
Stick Used for Measurement
P92 (Ovechkin) 67 non-grip
*Average Weight (gm) 384
*Average Weight (oz) 13.54
Actual length (in) 57.0

*Stick weights and lengths are determined using like flexes and patterns from each brand (mid curve, round toe, open face).
There can be variances in stick weights within the same model, so we have listed the average from weighing 6 sticks.
Length is measured from top of shaft where the front shaft plane meets the heel.

BAUER Hockey, Inc. will provide a one-time replacement of your composite stick/shaft/replacement blade, IF BROKEN DUE TO A MANUFACTURING DEFECT within 30 days from the date of purchase. You must return your stick/shaft/replacement blade to BAUER within 14 days from the date the return was created. You must send, at your expense, the product along with the serial number sticker. Please note that, upon examination of returned stick/shaft/replacement blade, if BAUER Hockey determines that there is a manufacturing defect, they will ship the same or equivalent model stick/shaft/replacement blade to the address you provide. BAUER must have a full mailing address; BAUER cannot ship to P.O. box numbers. Visa, MasterCard or bank statements are not accepted as receipts. Receipts must have the store name and address on them.

The warranty policy does not cover any breakages due to misuse or abuse. This policy does not cover wood sticks/shafts/replacement blades, pro stock sticks, or sticks sold by BAUER Hockey's Team Sales Group. For those products, BAUER will not repair the stick/shaft/replacement blade or refund your money. BAUER will not return ship any broken sticks/shafts/replacement blades.

If you believe your stick/shaft/blade meets this criteria, please proceed to http://www.bauer.com/warranty

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