CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick

  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick

  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick

CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Senior Hockey Stick

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CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick

  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick

  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick
  • CCM RBZ SuperFast Grip Sr. Hockey Stick

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For the first time ever, CCM is bringing the taylormade speed pocket technology to the revolutionary line of RBZ sticks. The unique speed pocket technology inside the RBZ Superfast blade creates a wider speed channel providing 50 percent more C.O.R. than the RBZ Stage 2 for the fastest shot a CCM Stick has ever provided.

The RBZ Superfast sticks only weights 430 grams. The blade is built with a speed pocket construction that has more C.O.R. (coefficient of restitution) than any stick on the market. The power swing technology has a very low swing weight for better distribution throughout the stick that gives the player a faster swing speed. The kick point is customized to react based on the position of the player’s bottom hand so it is perfect for any type of shot.

  • Weights: 430 grams
  • Blade: Speed Pocket Construction with C.O.R.
  • Power Swing Technology: Very lower swing weight
  • Kick Point: Custom kick point
Player Profile Golf industry-inspired principles and technologies that provide a superfast swing and a blade that maximizes puck speed.
Kick Point / Flex Profile Custom Kick Point
Shaft Construction Aerial Grade Carbon with Fuse construction - traditional tenon and hosel joint. Power Swing Technology - finely tuned weight and flex distribution for low swing weight.
Shaft Geometry "T" - traditional or square corners
Shaft Coating Grip or Clear
Shaft Taper Constant for customized kick point
Blade Core Speed Pocket - wide air channel that helps maximize puck speed
Blade Wrap Aerial Grade Carbon Fiber
Blade Coating Matte finish
Stick Used for Measurement P19 (Nugent-Hopkins) 85 non-grip
*Average Weight (gm) 438
*Average Weight (oz) 15.45
Actual length (in) 105 and 95 flex = 63.0; 85 and 75 flex = 60.0

*Stick weights and lengths are determined using like flexes and patterns from each brand (mid curve, round toe, open face).
There can be variances in stick weights within the same model, so we have listed the average from weighing 6 sticks.
Length is measured from top of shaft where the front shaft plane meets the heel.

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Customer Reviews

Quality of the CCM RBZ Superfast hockey stick

I recommend this hockey stick for individuals who play hockey year round and 2-4 days per week.

This is a one-piece composite which has tested to be light weight, fairly durable, responsive, and consistent.

Durability: I purchased this stick about 1 year ago and it has held up well for 10 months. You will be able to take numerous hard slap shots and slashes without a break in the hosel area. The toe of the blade cracked after 10 months but that is decent for how frequently it was used. Overall, you will be getting a stick that can take a beating.

Light weight: For the size and strength provided by this stick you will be surprised how light it is, especially when taking a shot. Its light weight enhances puck control and handling while also making shots and passes more accurate.

Responsiveness: This stick has great ‘pop’ and ‘snap’ with each of your shots while staying like that over time. There is also a custom kick point so you can take those quick release shots and be able produce enough power or load up for a slap shot from the blue line.

Consistency: The overall feel and handling remained the same after each use. The grip finish on the shaft helps keep your hands from slipping so you can have a strong grasp throughout any range of motion. The balance point on the stick provides tremendous balance which offers an overall reliable feel.

If you are looking for a quality stick that is worth your money and can match your performance, then I would recommend the CCM RBZ Superfast hockey stick.

Enjoy your time playing hockey,


Review by Kevin (Posted on 2/13/2017)
Do NOT buy this stick

Im a weekend beer leaguer hockey dad with 6 years of hockey experience. Loved a CCM RBZ, tried the superfast. First, the toe started disintegrating. And that was about 31 days after purchase. Had to put crazy glue and tape on as triage. But a couple weeks later, it snapped. 75 flex. Crap product. Buy this if you plan to use it a couple of days. Mark my word, this is a product to avoid. It is poorly made, poorly designed crap. Very disappointed. Waste of money.

Review by Al (Posted on 10/8/2016)
what were they thinking

bottom heavy and snapped within a week. it's a weak stick

Review by allsatr (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Best new stick in a long time!

I got a Warrior QR1 at work that broke, so I used the warranty to try out this new ccm, and was I ever pleased. I've used every high end stick on the market right now and in terms of shooting, puck control and flat out putting the puck in the net, nothing comes close to this. This stick isn't as light as the mx3 or QR1 but the weight distribution is as Good or better. It has the same flex profile as a nexus, but the shaft carries a better load, and there is simply no comparison on the market for the blade.
The problems receiving passes and with clean puck handling I had with the first rbz are gone. The blade no longer feels "too rigid", receiving passes is still a bit more tricky than with a bauer or new HTX blade, but skilled players won't notice this much, if at all.
Everything is heavy and accurate with this stick. Slappers, snappers, back handers, they all go where you want, and quickly.
I've only used the stick for about 4 hours on the ice so i can't attest to durability, but if it holds up, I'll be making the switch to CCM sticks from Bauer for this season.

Review by TC15 (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Lightweight, poor kickpoint

I am a college hockey player who's main strength is shooting. I bought two of these based off my previous experience with the earlier RBZ model. This model has excellent puck feel and control; however, after 2 weeks of playing time, the stick became very "whippy" while making passes and shooting. The universal kickpoint is not something I prefer. I prefer a stiff stick with a kickpoint for heavier shooting. Also, the blade started falling apart around the 20th day of owning the stick. I have sent off one stick for warranty already. I do not recommend this stick. The control and feel doesn't offset poor shooting performance for me.

Review by Sam (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Superfast to break

Puck feel from this stick far surpasses the first RBZ and even the stage 2. I really like the stick, great for shooting wristers, snapshots, or slapshots. The puck feel is great for stickhandling and the blade is much improved so catching passes is much easier when comparing it to the first RBZ. The only issue I have with the stick is durability. I broke mine right above the hosel after only using it in two games, so durability looks to be an issue. Glad it happened before the 30 day warranty was up.

Review by Blueshirt81 (Posted on 7/24/2016)
breaks easy

switched from Bauer NXG as CCM felt bit more solid especially the blade. Turns out i was wrong. Have broken two of these in last 5 weeks. All warrantied but poor quality. several teammates have also broken them - 6 in total! CCM needs to recall these sticks for quality control

Review by varsityguy (Posted on 7/24/2016)

I bought a pro stock Superfast about 2 weeks ago, I've played a handful of drop-in games with it, and am shocked as to how quickly the paint has chipped and cracked all along the blade and toe. Especially for playing non-check, pickup hockey. The paint chips on the shaft as well, but that doesn't bother me as much as the giant chunks that have came out of the blade without any extraordinary contact. The blade is nice, fires off sauces and my snap shot has dramatically improved, however I won't be buying another stick like this once it breaks. Which I feel like could be any time I step out on the ice.

This thing is like a gobstopper. It's pretty sweet, but the layers just keep chipping and chipping away.

Review by Juan the Pylon (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Awesome Stick

I love this stick, It has helped me get my shot off quicker, and its really Light. Unfortunately, I did go through about 7 last season.

Review by ThatGuy (Posted on 7/24/2016)

This stick broke on me after around 10 shots as soon as i got it i regerted it. its very heavy and has no power in any shot and the blade is really flimsy so you get no accuracy.

Review by Sniper 2.0 (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Tons of Power!

Great all-around stick. This is my second RBZ stick and I haven't been disappointed so far. The biggest advantage is how fast the puck comes off the blade. Not a huge fan of the red but you get used to it pretty fast.

Review by Jerry Hockey (Posted on 7/24/2016)

Got this at the beginning of the season playing bantam AAA and outgrew it halfway through but when i used it it was one of the best sticks i have ever used and the paint may chip but that only shows how much you played

Review by michael (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Great stick

I got 3 of these sticks and I have been using one for a week now and I couldn't be more happy. This stick has great feel and pop off the blade. It is also the perfect weight because its not so light that I over handle the puck but it isn't to heavy to pull off dangles. I have used about any stick you could name and this is one of my favorites.

Review by hunter (Posted on 7/24/2016)
wanted to like it

i want to like this so badly. i used it for less than a month and snapped it on a weak little snapshot. the shooting was great while it lasted. they're sending me a new sppedburner ill see how i like that.

Review by g daddy (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Good while it lasted

the stick was awesome for the first month then the blade started to chip away and now im left with a square

Review by ehhhhhh (Posted on 7/24/2016)

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