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CCM Blade Patterns

CCM Blade Pattern Chart

Pattern Curve Type Curve Depth Curve Size Face Angle Lie Toe Shape Blade Length
Mid Moderate 3/4" Neutral 5 Round Medium
Thornton Mid Deep 3/4" Closed 6 Round Medium
Stuart Heel Slight 1/2" Closed 5.5 Square Long
Doan Heel Moderate 1/2" Slightly Open 5 Round Medium
Lecavalier Heel Moderate 3/4" Slightly Open 6 Square Long
Bonk Mid Moderate 1/2" Neutral 7 Round Long
Steen Heel Slight 1/2" Straight Similar to Easton's Forsberg/Modano
Lemieux Mid Similar to Easton's Sakic Pattern Round  
Ovechkin Heel Open Similar to Easton's Drury Pattern

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