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Composite Stick Warranty Information

Composite Stick & Shaft warranty issues are handled directly through the manufacturer. Warranty period
begins from the day the item was purchased. Original proof of purchase is required for Warranty.
1-800-644-1677 http://ccmhockey.com/en/corporate/stickswarranty/
1-888-259-1297 http://eastonhockey.com/warranty/warranty-united-states
1-800-563-2202 http://www.sher-wood.com/en/sher-wood-hockey-inc/warranty
1-888-509-6875 E-Mail Bauer Directly for Mission Sticks - warranty.nbh@bauer.com
1-800-644-1677 http://www.reebokhockey.com/corporate/ops-returns/
1-800-563-2202 http://www.sher-wood.com/en/sher-wood-hockey-inc/warranty
1-800-968-7845 http://www.warriorhockey.com/US_Warranty_Returns.html
N/A E-Mail Directly for Warranty Issues - customerservice@grafcanada.com
Warranties do not apply to: Pro Stock Sticks, Pro Stock Shafts & Pro Stock Replacement Blades

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