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Graf Ice Hockey Skate Materials

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Clarino LiningClarino has been in GRAF skates since the mid '80s. Clarino is a high grade synthetic velour material with a fiber structure identical to box calf leather. Clarino is air and water permeable and can hold up to 147% of its weight in water. Its permeability allows it to dry at a relatively quick rate. In optimal conditions, drying time is about 12 hours. Clarino is resistant to perspiration and body acids, and remains soft and supple after drying.
TX-3 Super Proof LeatherTX-3 is a full grain leather that is sewn in reverse with the smooth side of the leather inside the boot. This type of leather allows moisture to pass through it in only one direction, and this installation process moves the moisture from the inside, out. When drying, leather will shrink on one side and stretch on the opposite. This process allows the TX-3 side panels to move back inward when drying to ensure the integrity of the boot's fit.CP93CP93 has excellent properties and has been used successfully by GRAF in hockey and figure skates since 1992. This high-tech material is produced through a process known as "flash-spinning", and combines nylon and polyurethane to give the CP93 lightness and durability. It is heat reactive, allowing it to mold rapidly to the foot. CP93 is water resistant which helps keep the boot at a more constant weight. It is also crease resistant and has the ability to hold its strength and shape throughout long periods of use. Another distinguishing feature is that the finish surface of the material is highly resistant to abrasion.ComponentsRMS-Rapid Mounting SystemRMS is a patented blade mounting system that has been used by GRAF since 1992. The anchor nut and bolt are stainless steel which helps prevent rusting. The increased strength means fewer attachment points (from 14 with rivets to 8 with the RMS system), and no special tools are required to install or remove the screws. To help secure and seal the screw fastenings, the bolt is pre-coated with a micro-encapsulated liquid adhesive. Micro-encapsulation is a physical process which encloses curing liquid synthetic resins in small capsules. As the bolt is screwed to the anchor nut, the micro capsules burst, releasing the liquid synthetic resin, which reacts with the setting agent to create a secure bond. This adhesive is of a medium strength and allows for easy removal of the bolt.

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