CCM RBZ Hockey Skates & Stage 2 Stick

CCM RBZ Stage 2 Sticks & RBZ Skates

Are you Freakishly Fast? The all new CCM RBZ Skate is engineered to provide you the most extreme foot speed in hockey. Featuring new custom support insoles for greater reaction speed, the advanced SpeedCore composite quarter package for explosive turns and the all new SpeedBlade + 4.0 holder that improves your turning radius by 10% for the most aggressive angle of attack in hockey. This is speed to the Extreme.

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Is your shot Freakishly Fast? Last year, CCM gave the best players in the world the revolutionary RBZ stick featuring Speed Channels for insane velocity. This year, CCM is giving them the all new RBZ Stage 2 Hockey Stick with Freak Channels for a freakishly fast shot. The all new Speedblade 2 featuring Freak Channels that provide 20% more coefficient of restitution than the original RBZ to maximize puck velocity.

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