Reebok 11K Sickick III Griptonite Tapered Sr. Hockey Shaft

Reebok 11K Sickick III Griptonite Tapered Senior Hockey Shaft

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Reebok 11K Sickick III Griptonite Tapered Sr. Hockey Shaft

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    Fits short hosel blades for a lower kick point and better balance
    Spring loading effect at the kick point for a quick and deadly release
    Reebok proprietary grip enhances control for better reaction speed
  • Product Questions

    I'm interested in buying this shaft. Could you please tell me which size of blades go with it? I'm looking for ABS replacement blades.



    Customer Reviews

    great stick

    as good of performance as the one piece with cheaper price

    Review by Keita (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Quality Stick so far

    Got this stick to replace my Dolomite Grip Shaft 75 flex. Although the Dolomite was extremely durable and light, I had been using the same shaft for years (upgrading to latest release each year). Wanting to try something new, I bought the 11k (75) and broke it on day 2 of practice at the midway point of the shaft. Reebok replaced it and now I have 2 of them in my bag and 4 months later still going strong. I am 165 lbs, 5'10 and a AAA player. I love the flex and the stick has held up.

    Review by Geno (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    as good as the one piece

    i play outdoor inline hockey and use the reebok 11k shaft.
    i love the low kickpoint, great power and acuracy!
    the only problem is that the shaft is not that durable, i dont know about the one piece.
    over all great shaft!

    Review by daredevil #21 (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Great Shaft

    Using a warrior tapered blade, the stick has a great shot, solid release and good power. Definitely a good shaft. Feels a lot more durable than the SE16 that I replaced.

    Review by Bandstra (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Great Stick

    This is a great two piece stick. I put the RBK 8K blade in it and have been happy with the results. It is a very light stick. I have been using it two times a week for the past 3 months without any issues. I have switched back from using one piece sticks due to all of the breaking problems. I would rather replace a blade than a $100+ stick. Feels just like a one piece with a great low kickpoint.

    Review by J C (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    AWESOME! Great price for a great product

    I have been using a composite stick the last few years and have always wanted to try a two-piece shaft and blade. When I saw how much cheaper this deal was, I was excited to get this stick and when I got to use it for the first time. I took a slap shot and the puck FLEW off the stick!! First used for roller hockey and then went to stick and puck and the puck still flew off the stuck despite a heavier puck. Highly Recommend this stick!!

    Review by Jmendez (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    I like them

    Great value..I enjoy 2 pieces cause they are fun to have different blades for little money...this stick with 11k blade very nice...only downside is if you pick up a top end one piece back to is definitely heavier...but you will break the expensive one and be I play with 2 piece and every so often the ek15 feels great

    Review by go (Posted on 7/24/2016)

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