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Reebok Ai Hockey Sticks

Reebok Ai 9 Hockey Stick

Are all sticks created equal? Is a stick just a stick? What would you see if you took a closer look at the all new Reebok A.i 9 stick? You would see a 2:1 Power Taper ratio that maximizes power transfer and XLerated blade Technology that is so reactive, it will deliver superior performance at critical moments in the game. You would see the balance of power in hockey sticks has shifted forever. You would simply see Advanced Innovation. Tested by NHL Players Pavel Datsyuk, Victor Hedman and Matt Duchene, all three will be using the Ai9 composite hockey stick during the 2011-12 Season.

  Advance Innovation 9
Maximum Power
Sickick 11K
Explosive Release
Construction True One Piece - Pure Fiber True One Piece - Pure Fiber
Kick Point Mid Low
Blade XLerated Blade Guided Blade
Texture Raised Texture None
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