Reebok 11K Sickick III Pro Stock Hockey Stick

Reebok 11K Sickick III Pro Stock Hockey Stick

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Reebok 11K Sickick III Pro Stock Hockey Stick

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The new 11K is Reebok's most technologically advanced stick yet. Featuring the new patent-pending Dual Matrix Technology and Guided Blade Technology, the new 11K gives players a release so charged up, it could only be a Sickick.
  • Guided Blade Technology - A stiff core with added dimples on the surface of the blade provides an extremely solid and precise shot
  • Dual Matrix Technology - Patent pending dual matrix construction creates a spring loading effect at the kick point dramatically increase release speed
  • Pure Fiber Construction - True one-piece construction that eliminates overlapping material in the lower shaft reducing weight and offering more consistency for maximum energy transfer
  • OptiBalance - The balance point of each stick is optimized in the manufacturing process by strategically positioning graphite at the top of the shaft
  • Due to the nature of pro stock sticks, sticks may have minor cosmetic blemishes
  • Shaft texture may vary, grip or clear finish
  • No warranty
  • Product Questions

    can you tell me what retail curve from other companies do the H-15 compares to?
    thank you

    Customer Reviews

    Great stick

    Cant buy a better stick at the prostock price

    Review by Acesfull1977 (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Great feel

    The price was right, great feel with the puck. Wouldn't expect anything less in a pro stock stick.

    Review by Lunch Box (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    broke in less than 10 mins very sad

    got it two days late after shipping delays.thing was great out of the box. got a 1.5 in chip along the bottom in a period of mens leauge hockey, way too early way too fast, i played d.III ncaa and in my entire hockey career have never had anything happen like this, the ref told me to use a different stick because it was too dangerous. hm immediately dismissed my claim because i played with it for five mins (never asked me to send it in looked at a phone pic)AND ON TOP OF THAT they said they didnt have anymore sticks to sell, they had ones in my curve in reebok and ccm, (on the sight they have the same stick(11k), flex (95) curve(h11 and h11 hd and sk11 and sk11 hd) they said "bye dumb [*] we are busy" basiclly, have never had a problem with this site for the last ten years and now im beyond disipointed, keep the money dont let me speak with a manager as promised, i feel let down and unappreciated as hockey player, lover and enthustiest

    Review by sad hockey player (Posted on 7/24/2016)

    Good stick for the price i guess. i understand that its a prostock n a repaint but my god the thing was heavy im talkin the thing was a brick. good shooting power but the pattern picture wasnt even close to the actual curve.

    Review by dizzle (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    brick but nice

    got an h14, it is cool that it is made in canada.looks like it is a two piece stick, has a matte blade finish.The heaviest stick i have used, makes my old st feel like a featherweight when i pull it out.Great for blocking shots and stealing pucks because it is like a sledgehammer.Shoots pretty well, makes you really lean on your shot to get good results cause it is pretty stiff, but then thats how you should was only a 119 and will probably last forever.

    Review by go (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Great Deal For The Money

    I got three of these sticks as replacements to broken sticks like the X:60, Easton ST, and Easton Eq50. When playing travel and practicing four times a week you need a reliable lightweight stick and this is it.One thing that is nice about pro stock sticks is all the options you can choose, but with the 11K there is an HD, Fv, and no option for the blade besides just the pattern. The HD stands for heavy duty and the stick is pretty blade heavy but is extremely durable. The FV option is really tapered towards the bottom but its great for the quick snappers and wristers. And the plain curve is tapered like the original11K its nothing special. so overall, if you play in a high level i highly recommend this stick, the lightest of the three is the "FV" option and the work horse stick is the "HD" option. FOR the price of a high end stick you can pick ip two or three of these sticks for the same price but they won't break like other high end sticks.

    Review by Hockey Boss (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Great Stick

    Absolutely one of the best sticks I have ever owned. This stick will last you a while, and it has nice flex.

    Review by hockeybudddddddd (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Great Stick

    I got this as one of the mystery pack sticks. 90 flex with a C.Macintyre curve. Very balanced, lightweight and it felt like the puck just took off from the stick on snap and slap shots. I am coming to the stick from an Easton S13 and it is a HUGE upgrade. I'm only one game in with it so I can't speak to the durability, but I love the feel and power behind this stick.

    Review by harry (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Sweet Twig

    First off let me start by saying that this is a great twig. After some additional research (due to HM's less than stellar blade pattern pics) I chose the H-15 FVL pattern and it is great for wristers and snappers. I might also add that Reebok has probably the stiffest shafts as far as flex classifications go. Not a bad thing for me, but a 100 flex Reebok is not nearly a whippy as a 100 flex Easton. Enough said. All in all I have only had this twig about 3 weeks so I cant say much about durability issues other than its been solid so far. I have heard negative comments on durability from peers and other reveiws, but then again everyone shoots and plays differently, so to each their own.

    Review by Matt_the_Duster (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Very Happy

    Purchased 100 flex, H-15 curve. Can not speak to durability yet as it's only 2 days old but I am very happy with this stick so far. I have found receiving passes to be easier compared to my other usual stick (easton Mako 100 flex p3 curve) While lightweight I feel it is strong and I get good shot power. I really like the grip texture, I don't think i could drop this stick if i tried. To be fair, i purchased this stick along with a new pair of gloves for my birthday so the new gloves may be what is causing me to like the grip.
    Will more than likely be buying a second one of these next month. Two is one, one is none.

    Review by AP (Posted on 7/24/2016)

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