Sher-Wood T20 ABS Sr. Replacement Blade

Sher-Wood T20 ABS Senior Replacement Blade

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Sher-Wood T20 ABS Sr. Replacement Blade

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  • Standard hosel
  • Fits traditional regular shafts
  • ABS core technology for increased durability
  • For use on all surfaces




Sher-Wood Blade Pattern Chart

Pattern Curve Depth Curve Type Face Angle Lie Toe Shape Easton equivalent
Bouchard P96 1/2" Heel Neutral 5.5 Round Zetterberg
Coffey P77 3/4" Big Heel Open 5.5 Round Chara/Gaborik
Stastny P26
Crosby P6087
1/2" Heel Open 6.0 Round Sakic
Iginla P12 1/2" Regular Mid Slightly Open 6.5 Round Heatley
LI P05 1/2" Regular Heel Open 6.0 Square Getzlaf/Lidstrom
Regehr P20 1/2" Heel Open 6.5 Round Drury
Spezza P19/Ryan PP09 1/2" Heel Open 5.5 Round -

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Customer Reviews

Break easily

I love the Stastny curve but I have broken 3 blades in a short time, both made in Canada and Czech. I have been using replacement blasdes for 25+ years and these are the worse I have ever used in terms of length of life. I thought it might be that it was a Canada versus Czech construction, but I think they both break easily. I would not use them if I did not love the curve so much.

Review by AllstonEP (Posted on 10/3/2016)
Great outdoor bade

My 15 year old son has used this replacement blade a few times now and it has worked great. Wear and tear are low as it is a thick blade and he got about 50 games and practices out of it until some one stepped on it and it broke. His shot has improved with this blade and now he has one of the hardest shots in his league. The league is an outdoor foot hockey smooth and dek surface.

Review by GTHA Panthers (Posted on 7/24/2016)
No stiffness and bad quality

Perhaps I just lucked into a bad blade but I would not recommend buying these T20 blades.

The one I got was whippy, has no stiffness and feels very poorly constructed.

I highly suggest investing the extra dollars and using the Sher-Wood 950 models that are "Made in Ukraine".

Those are the ones I regularly use and they are my all time favorites as they are built rock solid leading to much more durability and power on slap shots and snappers.

I have 4 of them brand new that I am saving to use for next winter men's league season as these are not easy to find in stores.

I am on old school guy that just can't feel comfortable using the new composite sticks.

Review by Tony K. (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Best blade for street/deck hockey

Dont listen to the genius who tried to use this for ice hockey. This is an ABS blade made for using outdoors. I play mostly on ice, but I play outside too. You would be dumb not to be using some sort of ABS blade when you are outside. Wood breaks easily, and composite does the same. not to mention its the cheapest of the three.

Take one of your broken sticks and put this on to use outside, trust me. The blade is also a little taller than others ive tried, which is good because it makes up for the wear that you will eventually have to deal with.

My only con is I dont like the color - which is why i spray paint them black as soon as I get them.

Review by Lou Rev (Posted on 7/24/2016)

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