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Memorial Day Weekend Sale

The revolution has arrived. Durability, performance and power are taking over. The 2017 Supreme 1S with RenewCore technology is more than just your hardest shot yet, it’s your chance to start scoring at a completely different level. RenewCore is our most advanced blade technology ever. This is the only blade in the world that has a pressurized gel core that remains in a liquid state forever, improving durability and shot power. The Supreme 1S is durable to the core. As damage occurs inside the blade, RenewCore’s pressurized gel finds and fills cracks to give you a more durable, longer-lasting blade, shot after shot. RenewCore’s gel has unique properties to help transfer energy within the blade core. It improves puck feel when stickhandling by absorbing energy every time the puck hits the blade, and transfers that energy back to the puck while shooting to increase power. More control and more power to make the big play, time after time. New in this years version of the Supreme 1S is the Extended Transfer Zone. An Extended Transfer Zone means you get the same hard slap shot and one-timer as you would expect from SUPREME, but the new design brings that power to snap shots as well by loading the stick more easily based on hand position. Designed to give you your hardest shot possible, Maximum Power Kick (MPK) technology uses your energy and transfers it from handle to blade — to the back of the net. TeXtreme® is the latest in carbon technology — 20% lighter than conventional carbon fiber, it improves balance for enhanced puck handling without sacrificing durability. Look below for the entire selection of 2017 Bauer Supreme Hockey Sticks.

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