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Bauer Hockey Equipment

While being one of the largest category leaders in all of the sport, Bauer Hockey gear continues to push technology higher and higher to provide the hockey player the ultimate advantage. For years, Bauer has continued to make their protective equipment lighter while still providing the best protection to the player. This combination of lightness and protection gives the player ultimate confidence to go faster in the play without the fear or equipment failing. For the hockey player’s foot, Bauer continues to dominate with their specific fit and shapes which fit almost every foot on the market. For the skate category, not only do they lead with their specific fits, but the shape of the steel, ease of replacement and overall quality has continued to push the envelope of their competition. Sticks continue to be a preferential point for any hockey player, and Bauer ensures the best combination of lightness and shooting style for everyone on the ice.

Bauer Hockey Skates

Bauer Hockey Sticks