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CCM RibCor Trigger 5 Pro Grip Junior Hockey Stick

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Brand New for the 2020-2021 season, the CCM RibCor Trigger 5 Pro Grip Junior Hockey Stick is CCM Hockey’s latest addition to the RibCor family of sticks. The RibCor stick line is designed for the quick release shot, and the Trigger 5 Pro features new upgrades making this their lightest, quickest, most durable stick yet!

Coming in at an incredibly lightweight 365 grams, The RibCor Trigger 5 Pro features a new Nanolite Carbon Layering, which along with Sigmatex spread tow, creates a stick that is both incredibly light and incredibly strong.

Starting with the shaft of the RibCor Trigger 5 Pro, CCM is looking to utilize every inch of the stick possible with their E-Geometry shaft. This advanced ergonomic construction was designed by the CCM Performance Lab in collaboration with some of the best hockey players in the world. Starting at the top of the shaft, you will find a rounded concave design that allows for advanced comfort and control. As you move down to the mid-shaft, you find a rounded convex back side combined with a square-cornered concave front, which maximizes dexterity and control. All the way down at the low-shaft taper, the Trigger 5 Pro features a concave front side for quick-release, and rounded concave back side to maximize torsional stiffness, offering improved accuracy and control. No matter what part of the shaft you look at, CCM has engineered the Trigger 5 Pro to take advantage of the entire shaft, giving the player greater control and accuracy in their game.

To help make the RibCor Trigger 5 Pro one of the quickest release sticks, CCM is using an optimized low kick featuring a soft taper area and optimal vertical flex. Along with their exclusive RibCor Asymmetric Taper design, this kick point maximizes loading, while driving that ultra-quick release.

Moving down to the blade of the RibCor Trigger 5 Pro, CCM has reinforced their agility blade to include the new Nanolite Carbon Layering. This layering helps to keep the blade as durable as possible. The agility blade features a thinner profile and stiffer blade toe which allows a linear flex to help with the shot release speed and improved accuracy.

Featuring an optimized low kick, ergonomic shaft design, reinforced agility blade and the new Nanolite Carbon Layering, CCM has continued to improve upon their already lightweight, quick-releasing RibCor stick. If you are looking for a low kick stick that will help your shots release as fast as possible, look no further than the CCM RibCor Trigger 5 Pro Junior Hockey Stick!


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