CCM Hockey Equipment

With over 100 years in the hockey industry, CCM Hockey keeps a fine balance between heritage and cutting edge technology. Throughout all of their product offerings, CCM takes direct feedback from their pro team, designers and the customers themselves to ensure the best fit for all players.

In the skate market, CCM offers a complete 1-piece construction in their boots which provides a better fit to the foot with fewer seams to cause pressure points. For CCM sticks, there has been an explosion in the usage among players as CCM offers a different style and feel for every type of hockey player on the market.

With decades of innovation and design, CCM Hockey offers 3 skate lines to fit the need of every player.

Jetspeed skates have specific attributes that are designed for the player who wants maximum acceleration.

Designed for players who want a long stride, the Tacks family of skates utilizes stiffer materials and a harder boot.

Made for the all-around player, the RibCor line of skates is flexible and softer for the best of power and acceleration.

CCM Hockey has produced quality sticks that have taken the market by storm.  With 3 distinct kick points, CCM has a stick for every player.

Today’s game is about scoring goals, the and JetSpeed sticks feature a hybrid kick-point that benefits shooting from everywhere on the ice.

If you are shooting from the blue line and need power and velocity on your shots, the Tacks line is designed for exactly that.

A quick release is the key to beating today’s goaltender, and the RibCor model of sticks makes it easy to load your shot and get the puck off quick.

CCM understands the importance of protecting your head in the game of hockey.  They have various level of protection to match all age ranges.

With comfort in mind, the CCM Tacks models of helmets provide the highest level of comfort.

Beyond the regular line of Tacks helmets, the Super Tacks X line of helmets has the highest comfort and connection to your head.