CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro Grip Junior Hockey Stick

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Brand new for the 2021-2022 season, CCM is introducing a true modern mid kick stick that delivers feel without sacrificing on accuracy and power, with the CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro Grip Junior Hockey Stick.

The Super Tacks line is known for its power and accuracy, and CCM has continued to innovate on their mid-kick technology by using data from the CCM shooting performance lab. The Super Tacks AS4 Pro will help Aggressive shooters benefit from the energy stored on all shots, while bringing more feel to other areas of their game. The New Skeleton+ shaft taper, is a redesigned taper and new manufacturing technology which will provide better reliability and durability in this crucial area of the stick. This will allow for better consistency and quicker shot release in those key moments of the game.

For the shaft of the CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro, CCM is using their high performing Nanolite Carbon Layering technology combined with sigmatex spread tow. This new layering of the fibers helps create a stick that is both incredibly light and incredibly strong.

The CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro features a T Shape geometry, which is a square shaped design, proven to provide players with a traditional feel that sits very naturally and comfortably in the hands.

For the blade of the CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro, CCM has a new Acufeel blade which was perfected to achieve the right blend of stiffness and feel. It is still stiff enough to deliver accuracy and control, but softer in order to improve puck feel. The nanolite carbon layering will further increase the durability of the blade.

If you are an elite level player, looking for a stick that delivers feel while not sacrificing accuracy and power, look no further than the CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro Grip Junior Hockey Stick.


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