True Catalyst 5X3 Senior Hockey Gloves


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Brand new for 2023, the True Catalyst 5X3 Hockey gloves are built for unmatched comfort, ultimate mobility, and elite performance. With key improvements over the previous model, the Catalyst 5X3 gloves are designed with the modern hockey player in mind, delivering great performance on the ice.

The True Catalyst 5X3 Hockey Gloves are engineered with durability in mind. The outer shell is constructed using a combination of synthetic leather and reinforced nylon, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear. These gloves can withstand the rigors of intense gameplay, providing you with long-lasting performance and protection.

Protection is a top priority, and the Catalyst 5X3 gloves excel in this aspect. They feature a multi-segmented 4-piece backhand design with strategic padding in key areas, such as the fingers, and cuff. This advanced protection system effectively shields you from impacts, slashes, and puck contact, reducing the risk of injuries without sacrificing mobility. Additionally, a 2-piece hinge thumb will provide increased flexibility.

True has gone above and beyond to optimize the fit and comfort of the Catalyst 5X3 gloves. The gloves have an ergonomic fit designed to take the natural shape of your hand, offering a snug yet comfortable fit that allows for increased mobility and grip on your stick.

The True Catalyst 5X3 Hockey Gloves also incorporate a nash base palm with overlay. This double layer of comfort with a quick break-in time allows for all-around quality and performance.

Whether you're a recreational player or highly competitive, the True Catalyst 5X3 Hockey Gloves are designed to meet your needs on the ice. Elevate your game with the perfect combination of versatility, protection, and comfort. The True Catalyst 5X3 Hockey Gloves deliver the quality and reliability you need on the ice.


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