Reebok Hockey Shafts

Hockey shafts can be purchased without blades for players who like to customize their stick and blade beyond one-piece stick designs. They allow athletes to combine a hockey stick shaft with a blade not available in a one-piece stick. Senior hockey shafts come with the same flex options as one-piece stick options, letting adult hockey players find a senior hockey shaft with their favorite flex rating between 70 and 120. Ice hockey shafts are made with the same modern materials as sticks. A composite hockey shaft is generally composed of carbon fiber, keeping it ultra-lightweight and durable enough for normal hockey play.

While senior models are the most common, you can also find a junior or intermediate hockey shaft for younger players who wish to experiment with stick customization. Pro stock models may also be offered when availability allows. Most shafts fit standard blades from multiple manufacturers. Top-notch stick makers Warrior, Reebok, True, CCM, Monkeysports and Bauer produce a number of hockey stick shafts.

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