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Rink Rat Hornet Split XX 78A Inline Hockey Wheel - Green/White '13

Rink Rat Hornet Split XX 78A Roller Hockey Wheel - Green/White '13

Item #: rink-rat-rw-HTS13XX-GRN-WHT

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Rink Rat Hornet Split XX 78A Inline Hockey Wheel - Green/White '13

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  • Durometer: 78A
  • Urethane: Pro
  • MTECH: 6MM split
  • Rebound: 85%
  • Surface: Indoor tile
  • Tri Pour with 608 interlock hub
  • Featured on Mission Inhaler AC2 (stock wheel on AC2 is 76a)
  • Price per wheel
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    Good afternoon, i just want to know when are you having rink rat hornet split wheels in 80mm and 76mm both 76A (durometer) i wnat to buy those wheels. The color doesn´t matter.

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    Reviewed by S. Bouchard
    on July 24, 2016
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    Excellent grip and very fast wheel

    Was looking for replacement and faster wheels than my 80A (72mm / 80mm) setup.

    Although these wheels are 78A (which should be softer and slower than my 80A, due to their high bounce value (85%) these wheels are actually much faster.

    Hardness seems to be indicative of wheel durability / wear factor. Ie. softer wheels would wear out much faster than harder wheels on a rougher surface. But hardness doesn't mean faster. Bounce value seems to be a lot more significant on how the wheel conserves energy / speed.

    For instance, I purchased Mission Hi-Lo 82A HL:3 last week assuming 82A would be faster than my 80A. Much to my surprise, the HL:3 were much slower than my 80A wheels. It was like skating in mud. The wheels are actually squishier and warm to the touch from the fiction on an indoor wood floor. Mission doesn't publish bounce value but testing the bounce of the wheel (dropping them on a hard floor to see how high they would bounce back) showed very little bounce about 25% ~ 30% of the initial height. These Rink Rat 78A with 85% bounce bounce back about 85% of the initial height, hence their high bounce (85%) which makes these wheels surprisingly fast.

    Conclusion, I am extremely happy with the speed of these wheels. I'll have to see how they hold out on wear but in terms of speed / grip, they are excellent. FYI: I weight 165 pounds and these are perfect for me.

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