Tour Code 1.One Senior Roller Hockey Skates

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Brand new for 2019, Tour Hockey has unleashed the Tour Code 1.One Senior Roller Hockey Skates! With all-new features implemented, and key improvements made to existing features, these are Tour’s most advanced skate to date, engineered for the elite-level roller hockey players!

Starting with the boot construction, the quarter package is constructed with Tour’s lightweight Vorrac Surlyn material. This is a lightweight and strong material that provides players with a rigid fit and feel without sacrificing comfort and break-in time! Additionally, the Code 1.One Roller Hockey Skates are heat-moldable, which will help eliminate any negative space within the boot to increase energy transfer.

Moving to the interior of the boot, the Tour Code 1.One Roller Hockey Skates feature an Accu-aire Liner. What this does is help wick moisture away and keep feet drying during use, ensuring no energy is lost within skating strides! A second layer was added as well, known as H600, which provides extra comfort and durability. Improved from the previous iteration are the L-Shaped foams around the ankle area within the liner. These pads strategically lock the heel and ankle in place, increasing speed and reducing fatigue. Going hand-in-hand with the Accu-Aire liner is the In-Step Cooling System. These vents provide maximum breathability and further assist in keeping your feet dry!

The Tour Code 1.One Roller Hockey Skates feature one of the most advanced tongues on the market, known as the ARC tongue. This stands for Anti-Lace bite, Removable tongue, and Custom Fit Toe Box, and as you can tell by the name, serves several different purposes! The anti-lace bite channels distribute tension points, eliminating lace-bite while increasing durability as well. The removable tongue is attached via a heavy Velcro strap and gives players the ability to change the tongue height based on their personal preference, providing a custom look and feel. Additionally, Tour has extended the tongue length all the way to the end of the toe box, eliminating the negative space between your toes and the top of the toe cap. Not only does this make the skate more comfortable, but increases stability, control, and speed!

Rather than going with a stiff stationary tendon guard, the Code 1.One Roller Hockey Skates feature Tour’s Knetic tendon guard! Thanks to a “snap-back” movement, these tendon guards provide the best range of motion on the market and enhance full-stride extension while skating, allowing players to get the most power out of their strides without any interference.

The Tour Code 1.One Roller Hockey Skates utilize a Carbon Composite Matrix outsole with DPS Technology, which provides unmatched strength and weight. The DPS Technology is a recessed cavity within the outsole that allows the wheels to slightly raise, reducing center of gravity, thus increasing control and speed!

The frame used on the Code 1.One Roller Hockey Skates is the Ladeba Humer Eviction PRO 2 frame. This frame is constructed of a magnesium and aluminum hybrid material that is lightweight and durable. Attached to the frames are Labeda Addiction Yellow wheels with BEVO swiss platinum race bearings. This entire setup provides maximum grip, speed, and durability!

If you are an elite-level player looking for comfort, top speed, and customizability in a skate, look no further than the Tour Code 1.One Senior Roller Hockey Skates!

Wheel Sizes

Sizes 5-6 comes with 76mm wheels

Sizes 7-12 comes with 80mm wheels


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