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Sher-Wood T20 Sr. ABS Hockey Stick

Sher-Wood T20 ABS Senior Wood Hockey Stick

Item #: sherwood-hk-110SW002350-110SW002351-110SW002372-110SW002373

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Sher-Wood T20 Sr. ABS Hockey Stick

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  • Multi-layer birch lamination
  • Responsive stick


  • ABS construction
  • Ensures great control and superior sliding on all surfaces

Sher-Wood Blade Pattern Chart

Pattern Curve Depth Curve Type

Face Angle

Lie Toe Shape Easton Equivalent
Bouchard P96 0.5" Heel Nuetural 5.5 Round Zetterberg
Coffey P77 0.75" Regular Open 5.5 Round Chara
DR PP20 0.5" Heel Slightly Open 6.5 Round Drury
IG PP12 0.5" Regular Slightly Open 6.5 Round Heatley
LE PP10 0.5" Middle to Toe Open 4.5 Round ---
LI PP05 0.5" Regular Open 6.0 Square Getzlaf/Lidstrom
LS PP88 0.5" Regular Open 6.0 Round Iginla
Plekanec PP61 0.625" Regular Open 5.5 Round ---
Ryan PP09 0.5" Heel Open 5.5 Round ---
Smith PP01 0.5" Toe Open 5.0 Round Roy/Gaborik
Stastny PP26 0.5" Heel Open 6.0 Round Sakic

Please Note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

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Reviewed by Bob
on July 24, 2016
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great stick

Great stick for $25. Got mine a year ago and love it.

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2) There is no evidence that the hockey Stick/Shaft/Blade has been abused, tampered with, over-heated, altered, defaced, misused, skate-cut, expose to open flame or otherwise damaged through an act of neglect of the consumer;

3) The shaft was used with a SHER-WOOD blade at all times.

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