Tour Code 3.One Junior Roller Hockey Skates - White

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Brand new for 2020, Tour Hockey has unleashed the Tour Code 3.One Junior Roller Hockey Skates! With key features improved upon, these skates are perfect for players looking good performance without breaking the bank!

Starting with the boot construction, the quarter package of the boot is constructed with a lightweight and durable Core-Flex material. This material provides players with a solid fit and feel without sacrificing comfort and break-in time! Additionally, the Code 3.One Roller Hockey Skates are heat-moldable, which will help eliminate any negative space within the boot to increase energy transfer.

Moving to the interior of the boot, the Tour Code 3.One Roller Hockey Skates feature a moisture-wicking liner to help keep feet drying during use, ensuring no energy is lost within skating strides!

Rather than going with a stiff stationary tendon guard, the Code 3.One Roller Hockey Skates feature Tour’s Knetic tendon guard! Thanks to a “snap-back” movement, these tendon guards provide the best range of motion on the market and enhance full-stride extension while skating, allowing players to get the most power out of their strides without any interference.

Attached to the aluminum frames are Kemistry Grippium wheels with Bevo Silver 5 bearings. This entire setup provides good grip, speed, and durability!

If you are a recreational-level player looking for comfort, and top speed in a skate, look no further than the Tour Code 3.One Junior Roller Hockey Skates!

Wheel Sizes

Sizes 1-4 comes with 72mm wheels

Sizes 5-6 comes with 76mm wheels

Sizes 7-12 comes with 80mm wheels

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