True Catalyst 9 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

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New for the 2022 season are the True Catalyst 9 Senior Ice Hockey Skates from True Hockey. True is using advances in technology and state of the art manufacturing, to bring a skate to the market that brings custom skate performance to an off-the shelf design.

Starting with the boot, the True Catalyst 9 Senior Ice Hockey Skates are a culmination of thousands of foot scans and hundreds of hours of development to get as close to a custom skate fit as possible, in a stock skate. The True Catalyst 9 shell uses NEUROFIT+, which combines innovative one-piece shell design with thermoformable materials to further enhance neuromuscular connection to the ice, giving you better response and control. TRUESHELL tech, their proprietary co-molded carbon fiber and thermoplastic one-piece shell creates a thermoformed boot. This provides a high level of protection and performance while staying ultra-lightweight. Moving down the boot the CARV toe cap is redesigned to feature a sleeker aesthetic in an even lighter package, allowing for a more aggressive cutting angle resulting in quicker turns in transition without losing an edge.

Moving to the top of the skate the True Catalyst 9 Senior skates feature an elite orthograde performance foam tongue. The tongue has a stiff and contoured design allowing for a lightweight but anatomical fit for enhanced comfort. The tongue allows for the player to easily position it to fit their style and comfort level.

For the interior of the skate, True went with a Hydrofoam liner throughout the inside of the boot. This antimicrobial, moisture wicking liner helps to keep your feet dry while simultaneously providing superior comfort through a multi-density foam construction. True has also Implemented a personalized fit system with the insole. The Catalyst 9 insole integrates fit inserts to accommodate low, mid, and high arch feet. Placement of the fit inserts are marked on the insole for easy positioning to ensure proper fit regardless of your arch type.

Jumping down to the bottom of the True Catalyst 9 Senior skates, True is using its tried-and-true versatile SHIFT MAX Holder. The SHIFT MAX holders feature enhanced BenchChange technology allowing for faster blade replacement without the need for a special tool. Simply pull the blue slider back, pop the blade out, and replace with the replacement runner. These holders are specifically designed to keep you from missing critical time on the ice. The True Catalyst skates will also use SHIFT MAX high grade 9CR Stainless Steel runners. These runners will enhance the longevity of skate sharpenings and provide a sharper edge, helping increase acceleration and durability.

The True Catalyst 9 Senior Ice Hockey Skate will be thermoformable to further enhance the fit and comfort of the skate and make sure that your foot has the best fit inside the boot as possible.

If you are an elite-level skater looking for the fit comfort and performance benefits of a True custom skate in a stock package, look no further than the True Catalyst 9 Senior Ice Hockey Skates.


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