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NoSweat Helmet Sweat Liner - 3 Pack

NoSweat Helmet Sweat Liner - 3 Pack

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NoSweat Helmet Sweat Liner - 3 Pack


  • NoSweat is perfect for anyone who is tired of dealing with sweat dripping down their face and into their eyes.
  • DriLID technology is engineered to absorb forehead sweat and clear your line vision.
  • The product works in almost every type of LID, whether you are wearing a helmet, hat, cap or beanie.
  • The product is easy to use, just peel off the paper on the back side of the product and stick it inside your LID, then NoSweat!
  • Patented universal design that fits almost every type of Helmet, Hat, or LID Keeps sweat out of eyes
  • Prevents fogging in half shields, visors, and glasses
  • Promotes healthy skin hygiene and helps fight acne
  • Scent-LOCK technology = Keeps your LID Cleaner. Fresher. Longer.
  • 3 Sweat Absorbing Liners per Pack
Installation Instructions:
  • PEEL - Label covering adhesive
  • PLACE - Inside LID at desired position using adjustable V-SLITS
  • STICK - Firmly press along the edges and main area of NoSweat
  • TRASH - After activity or when NoSweat becomes fully saturated
  • REPLACE - Before next activity or as needed
Must be FIRMLY applied to a clean, dry surface. Test NoSweat's adhesive inside your LID prior to use to ensure the adhesive will not damage your interior liner.

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Customer Reviews

One time use, Save $ & get a skull cap

Worked but a skull cap is better!

Review by Aspen hockey (Posted on 7/24/2016)
I Can't Skate Without It!

I used NoSweat in my hockey helmet for a 2 hour skate. I usually have sweat dripping down into my eyes and have major issues with my shield fogging up while I play. The NoSweat did as it says and I had "NO SWEAT" drip down into my eyes during my skate and I had ZERO fog issues as well! This is an AMAZING PRODUCT & I can't skate without one in my helmet.

Review by GopherHockeyguy (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Effective, but not particularly durable

First off, this is a GREAT idea. As someone who regularly cleans their gear and is something of a hygiene nut, replaceable sweatbands are actually not a bad idea. Particularly good, in this case, is their claim that their product will help prevent breakouts and clogged pores. That's huge.

While I wore the product, it performed admirably. Playing competitive roller hockey in 90 degree heat in Florida is a high order sweat-wise and the product worked as described.

However, after removing my helmet on a bench break, I noticed a strange clear gel starting to run down my forehead. The patch had ripped at the seams after absorbing sweat for only 30 minutes or so, leaving an odd, sweat soaked good throughout my new helmet and all over my face.

I doubt there'd be any toxicity issues, but I don't want mystery sweat goo in my eyes any more than just plain sweat, so they need to address the quality issues along the seams to keep them from breaking.

A product that is made to absorb high amounts of moisture shouldn't come apart with moisture, simple as that.

Great idea, just need to increase durability before I'd be willing to routinely invest in them. Otherwise, you could go through 3 of these per game which isn't very cost-effective.

I'd recommend trying them once though, they are pretty amazing.

Review by goaliemel (Posted on 7/24/2016)
don't waste money

Came off helmet liner halfway through first hockey game. Lost all sticky coating. Has design & quality issues.

Review by skaterer (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Good Product

works great! i use a skull cap, and i still have this on my helmet. i don't drip sweat in my eyes anymore, which is good because we still wear full face masks and it's annoying to wipe your face during a game. i tried playing without one, and i did notice that sweat does tend to pour down on my face more, even with a skull cap on. highly recommend!

i use it at least 3 times before i change it, though i've gone 5 times. if you use it for longer than 3 days, you do start to see that gel goo start to run from the band.

Review by AzKiker (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Great simple product

I have not used it for hockey, but for hiking and other sports. It fits great into any kind of a hat and really holds back the sweat.

Review by swier (Posted on 7/24/2016)

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