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Bauer Vapor X100 Griptac Sr. Hockey Stick

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Limited Return Policy: Item can be returned for store credit within 14 Days of delivery.
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What makes the Vapor X100 from Bauer such a great stick?

The Vapor series of sticks from Bauer is all about puck handling and quick release shots. The Intelli-Sense Flex Profile can be found throughout the line and offers dual flex zones that offer different performance benefits depending on the placement of your lower hand. The higher flex point delivers powerful slap shots and one-timers, while the lower flex point provides a quick release with accuracy and control enhancements from the Vapor Premium Dual Taper.

Unlike the higher end APX 2, which is a true one-piece stick, the X100 uses a more traditional fused construction. Despite that, it is still one of the lightest sticks in its class. Bauer uses premium lightweight 12k woven carbon fiber in the shaft of the Vapor X100 because it is better at managing stress than 3k woven carbon fiber, which is very often found in high end composite sticks. The Micro Feel II shaft has rounded corners and double-concave walls which allows the shaft to fit comfortably into your hands, resulting in easier puck handling and superior control. The X100 is available with the Griptac finish.

As we transition down the shaft towards the blade, this is where you will find the Vapor Premium Dual Taper. This type of shaft configuration allows for quick releases and decreases bending and twisting of the blade, which results in better puck control and accuracy. Blade control and accuracy are further enhanced by the Pure Shot Blade Profile, which is visible through the expanded throat.

For the core of the X100 blade, Bauer uses a single density and less brittle AERO FOAM 3, which includes durability stitches that create better adhesion between the core and the blade wrap. That wrap is the same premium 12k woven carbon fiber material that can be found in the shaft, but has a nice textured finish to it that will provide a little extra bite on the puck. A protective SENSE layer, similar to that found in the APX 2, is used in the heel to help prevent cracking and further enhance the overall durability of the X100 blade.

A very high performance stick with features and construction that enhance durability, all wrapped in a great look that drafts off the higher end APX 2 model - the Bauer Vapor X100 stick is a winner with excellent value. Check one out today.

Player Profile Ideal for the crafty player that excels in puck handling and quick-release shots
Kick Point / Flex Profile Intelli-sense shot technology - dual flex zones. Low flex point for quick release and accuracy and mid flex point for power
Shaft Construction Premium lightweight 12k Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass with Fused construction - traditional tenon and hosel joint
Shaft Geometry Micro Feel II - rounded corners and double concave walls
Shaft Coating Griptac
Shaft Taper Vapor premium dual taper - Micro Feel II shaft taper plus secondary taper along top and bottom surfaces
Blade Core Aero Foam 3. Pure Shot Blade Profile - expanded throat design
Blade Wrap Premium lightweight 12k Carbon Fiber
Blade Coating Matte finish with texture
Stick Used for Measurement P92 Lie 6 (Backstrom) 87 grip
*Average Weight (gm) 444
*Average Weight (oz) 15.66
Actual length (in) 60.0

*Stick weights and lengths are determined using like flexes and patterns from each brand (mid curve, round toe, open face).
There can be variances in stick weights within the same model, so we have listed the average from weighing 6 sticks.
Length is measured from top of shaft where the front shaft plane meets the heel.

Bauer Hockey Stick Blade Chart
BAUER Hockey, Inc. will provide a one-time replacement of your composite stick/shaft/replacement blade, IF BROKEN DUE TO A MANUFACTURING DEFECT within 30 days from the date of purchase. You must return your stick/shaft/replacement blade to BAUER within 14 days from the date the return was created. You must send, at your expense, the product along with the serial number sticker. Please note that, upon examination of returned stick/shaft/replacement blade, if BAUER Hockey determines that there is a manufacturing defect, they will ship the same or equivalent model stick/shaft/replacement blade to the address you provide. BAUER must have a full mailing address; BAUER cannot ship to P.O. box numbers. Visa, MasterCard or bank statements are not accepted as receipts. Receipts must have the store name and address on them.

The warranty policy does not cover any breakages due to misuse or abuse. This policy does not cover wood sticks/shafts/replacement blades, pro stock sticks, or sticks sold by BAUER Hockey's Team Sales Group. For those products, BAUER will not repair the stick/shaft/replacement blade or refund your money. BAUER will not return ship any broken sticks/shafts/replacement blades.

If you believe your stick/shaft/blade meets this criteria, please proceed to http://www.bauer.com/warranty

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