Senior Composite Hockey Sticks

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Learn about Senior Hockey Sticks

Senior composite hockey sticks are specifically designed for mature players, typically catering to those aged 14 and older. These sticks come in a variety of sizes suitable for this age group, offering both versatility and performance. Their construction and design help players to get the most out of their game, considering factors such as height, strength, and playing style. If you’re contemplating purchasing one, we can provide insights to help you make an informed choice.

Senior Hockey Stick Flex Chart

Hockey Stick Flex Chart
Age GroupHeightWeightStick Flex
Tyke (3 - 5)3'0" - 3'10"30 - 65 lbs.20 - 25 flex
Youth (5 - 8)3'6" - 4'8"40 - 80 lbs.30 - 40 flex
Junior (7 - 12)4'4" - 5'1"70 - 110 lbs.40 - 52 flex
Intermediate (11 - 14)4'11" - 5'8"95 - 140 lbs.55 - 70 flex
Senior (14+)5'7" - 6'1"+150 - 210+ lbs.75 - 100+ flex

Finding the Right Senior Hockey Stick Flex for You

Selecting the right flex for your composite hockey stick is crucial. Consider factors such as your playing style, strength, and preferred shot type. Typically, the flex rating relates to how much pressure is needed to bend the stick an inch. Understanding your gameplay needs will assist in choosing the perfect flex.

Senior Hockey Sticks FAQ

What is a senior hockey stick?

Senior hockey sticks are designed with advanced players in mind. They typically have higher flex ratings and are taller than both intermediate and junior sticks. These sticks cater to players who have honed their shooting technique and built upper body strength.

What age is a senior hockey stick for?

While several factors influence the choice of a hockey stick, age plays a significant role. Typically, players aged 14 and above gravitate towards senior hockey sticks for optimal performance.

How tall should you be for a senior hockey stick?

Most reputable hockey stick brands manufacture senior hockey sticks that measure between 57 to 61 inches in height. Ideally, when you’re standing on your hockey skates, the top of the stick should reach about two inches below your nose to ensure a comfortable and effective play stance.

What flex is a senior hockey stick?

The flex rating of senior hockey sticks predominantly falls within the 70 to 100 flex range. The choice of flex depends on various aspects such as the player’s arm strength, personal preference for stick flexibility, body weight, and more.

What composite hockey sticks do NHL players use?

NHL players unanimously opt for composite hockey sticks because of their numerous advantages, including lighter weight compared to traditional wooden sticks, customizable features like specific flex and blade patterns, and the sheer variety available. Brands such as CCM, Bauer, True, and Warrior are some of the go-to choices for these professionals.

Should I move to a senior hockey stick?

Deciding to transition to a senior hockey stick primarily hinges on your body weight. A common strategy is to select a flex that’s roughly half your body weight. For instance, if you weigh 150 pounds, a 75 flex senior ice hockey stick would be an ideal starting point. However, many players now lean towards sticks with a slightly lower flex than this formula suggests, seeking a “whippier” feel during gameplay. Visiting your local MonkeySports store for a hands-on feel can be beneficial.

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