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Hockey Skates

Hockey skates are available in senior, junior and youth sizes. Senior skate sizes are 6 and up; juniors run from 1 to 5.5; and youth sizes start at youth 6 and run through 13.5. As a general rule, most ice hockey skates are sized about 1 to 1.5 sizes smaller than what you would wear in normal street shoes. Men's hockey skates come with many different options. Some have an easily-replaceable blade, allowing you to keep the boot even once a blade breaks or has been sharpened as much as possible. Many junior and youth skates also have this option, so you can choose between skates with a permanently attached or replaceable blade.

Skate boots are made with reinforced materials to protect the foot from contact and remain stiff during play, and skate blades are often constructed of stainless steel. Certain brands have different grades of steel for durability and the ability to hold an edge longer after sharpening. Many models also have vented padding to reduce odors and keep feet dry while in use or during storage. Hockey skates are made by Bauer, CCM, Graf and True. Beyond hockey skates, women's and men's ice skates designed for figure skating are made by skate makers Riedell and Jackson in youth and adult sizes.