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Learn About Youth Hockey Skates

Youth hockey skates, designed for children under nine, balance comfort and function. Such design ensures not just safety, but also instills confidence, allowing children to fully embrace their time on the ice. These skates fit those with shoe sizes from 1.5 to 13.5 in the small kids category. The right fit is paramount; it offers maximum support and prevents discomfort. In short, youth hockey skates aren’t merely smaller adult versions but are thoughtfully crafted for young skaters’ unique needs.

Youth Hockey Skate Sizing Chart

Hockey Skate Sizing Chart
Skate SizeUS Boy's Shoe SizeEUR Boy's Shoe SizeUS Girl's Shoe Size
Actual Shoe Size as determined by a Brannock Shoe Sizing Device. Sizing will vary by manufacturer.

Youth Hockey Skates FAQ

What are the best brands of youth hockey skates?

Bauer and CCM offer youth models consistent with their senior lines in quality and performance. The Bauer Vapor 2X Youth Ice Hockey Skates and the CCM JetSpeed are notable examples.

How much do youth hockey skates cost?

The price of junior hockey skates varies based on brand, features, and quality. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere between $50 to $300 for a decent pair. High-end models with advanced features and technology can cost more. For a detailed price breakdown and comparison, visit our youth skate pricing page.

What youth skates are best for beginners?

For novice skaters, the Bauer Vapor 2X Youth Ice Hockey Skates are a commendable choice. They offer a standard fit, which is snug yet comfortable, and are designed to bolster ankle support, a crucial feature for those just starting out. However, the best fit often depends on the individual skater's foot structure and comfort preference.

How do I choose the right youth hockey skates?

Choosing the perfect pair involves more than just size. Consider factors such as the skater's skill level, frequency of play, and foot shape. Skates should offer good ankle support, be snug but not overly tight, and provide ample cushioning. The blade’s curvature and skate’s flex can also influence performance.

Sizing question about youth hockey skates

Sizing is paramount when it comes to hockey skates. An ill-fitting pair can impede performance and cause discomfort. For youth skates, sizing starts from 8 kids to 13.5 kids. However, junior skates encompass sizes for kids aged 7 to 13, covering shoe sizes 2 to 7.

Remember, the hockey skate size is 1.5 sizes smaller than one’s regular shoe size, although nuances like foot width and individual brand sizing variations can play a role. It’s always recommended to consult a sizing chart or seek expert advice when in doubt.

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