bauer skate sizing chart

The Bauer hockey company first originated in the early 20’s and was highly regarded by hockey players of all ages almost instantly. From there, it has been all uphill for the company, especially with guys like Bobby Hull endorsing their skates in the 60’s. In 1975, Bauer launched their first version of their ever-popular TUUK holder, which has gone on to be the most universally liked holder among players. With nearly 70% of players in the NHL currently wearing Bauer skates, they are by far the most popular skate brand in the league.

The general rule of thumb when sizing Bauer ice hockey skates is to go down 1.5 sizes from your shoes. For example, if you wear a size 10 shoe, it is best to start out with an 8.5 size hockey skate. For junior and youth size skates, you will want to go down just one size from your shoe size. The Bauer 3D Skate Lab is also a helpful tool to get an approximate skate size. This scanner will read your foot and will give you a recommended skate size and model based on the shape of your foot. These scanners can be found at any one of our MonkeySports stores!

Bauer Senior Skate Sizing
Bauer Skate SizeMen's Shoe Size
Bauer Junior Skate Sizing
Bauer Skate SizeBoy's Shoe Size
Bauer Youth Skate Sizing
Bauer Skate SizeKid's Shoe Size

Bauer Skates Sizing by Age & Gender

Bauer Ice Hockey Skates are broken down into three sizing categories: Senior, Junior, and Youth.

Bauer Senior Skate Sizes

Senior Bauer ice hockey skates are sized to fit adults and full-grown teenagers (ages 13+) who wear a size 7, or greater, size shoe. The skate sizes range from 6.0 up to 15.0.

Bauer Intermediate Skate Sizes

Intermediate Bauer ice hockey skates are sized to bridge the gap between junior and senior skates. The skate sizes range from 3.5 up to 6.5.

Bauer Junior Skate Sizes

Junior Bauer ice hockey skates are meant to fit kids who are generally between the ages of 7 to 13 years old and between a 2 and 6.5 shoe size. The skate sizes here range from 1.0 up to 5.5.

Bauer Youth Skate Sizes

Regarding Youth Bauer ice hockey skates, they are meant to fit toddlers and young children (9 and under) and who have a shoe size of 1.5 or smaller. The skate sizes here range from Y6.0 to Y13.5.

Bauer Female Skate Sizes

When it comes to women’s skate sizing, you will want to go down 3 sizes from your shoe size. For example, if you wear a size 8 women’s shoe, you will want to go with a size 5 Bauer skate.

Most hockey skate brands fit 1.5 sizes smaller than your shoe sizes, although most have different lines within their brand that will better accommodate certain foot types, and this is the case with Bauer skates. Bauer has three lines of skates; Vapor, Supreme, and Nexus.

The Vapor line (shown in red) of Bauer skates will feature a wider toe box and a narrow V-fit at the heel and ankle providing players with a tapered fit. This fit will really lock the heel into place for a stable and mobile feel.

The Supreme skates (shown in yellow) will feature a natural, close to the foot feel around the entire foot for an anatomical feel. Thanks to this fit, it will reduce empty space with the boot, resulting in more efficient strides.

And the Nexus line (shown in blue) has a wide volume fit from toe to heel providing players with a classic, traditional fit. This fit will provide players with a wider, more comfortable feel.

Bauer hockey skate models

Along with skate fit, all three lines have the option to get different boot widths as well, depending on your preference. Skates that are classified with a “C” or “N” fit will have a narrower boot. Skates with a “D” or “R” fit will have a regular width boot. And skates with an “EE” or “W” fit will have a wider fitting boot.

Questions About Bauer Skate Sizes

Do Bauer skates run smaller or bigger than most skate brands?

A common question that new hockey players have is “how should my hockey skates fit when I put them on?” Simply put, you want them to be as tight as possible without cutting off circulation or being uncomfortable. When getting new skates, you will want to put them on, and feel if your toe barely touches the toe cap. If so, that is what you want. You can also lean forward while in the skates and slide a pen down the inside of the boot, just behind your heel. If you struggle to get the pen between your heel and the boot, that is a good thing. You do not want your ankles and feet to have any wiggle room while in the skates.

How do I find out what size runners I need for my Bauer skates?

Almost all Bauer holders have a 3-digit number on the back corner of the holder. Simply flip one of your skates over and locate the 3-digit number. The indicated number will tell you the size of the runners that you will need. If your holders do not have a 3-digit number, use our sizing charts to find your corresponding holder model. From there, look to the right until you locate your skate size. The 3-digit number below the indicated skate size will be the size of the runners that will fit your skates.

TUUK Sizing Chart
Holder ModelSkate WidthSkate Size
Lightspeed Edge 5D254254263263272272280280288288296296306
Lightspeed 2.1 PowerD254254263263272272280280288288296296306
Lightspeed 2D254254263263272272280280288288296296306
Lightspeed ProD254254263263272272280280288288296296306

How do I determine which Bauer skate model would be the best fit for me?

The easy answer would be to head over to your nearest MonkeySports store where you can try out the Bauer 3D Fit Scanner! Step on the scanner, stay perfectly still, and have someone use the provided iPad to start the process. The iPad will scan your foot shape, size, and dimensions, and seconds later provide you with a recommend skate model (Vapor, Supreme, or Nexus) and size, based on the information it gathered from the scan! Additionally, it will provide a “second choice” recommendation as well.

If you are not near a MonkeySports store, there is still a way to determine the general shape of your foot, helping you make an informed decision as to which skate model would fit you the best. To start, all you need is a glass of water, and a pan (one big enough that you can fit your foot inside of. From here, the steps go as followed:

  1. Place the cardboard and pan on the ground next to you, on a flat surface
  2. Pour the water inside of the pan, filling it up only about an inch, and place your foot inside of the pan; your foot should not touch the bottom, but rather rest on top of the water
  3. Carefully lift your foot out of the water and let it drip off for a few seconds
  4. Place your foot on the cardboard and stand normally for a few seconds
  5. Step off the cardboard and check out your footprint
  6. Repeat steps for other foot, if you choose to do so

Each Bauer skate model (Vapor, Supreme, or Nexus) will provide a different fit that caters best to certain foot types. The process above helps you determine your arch type, whether you have a low, normal, or high arch.

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This article was originally published on May 8, 2019, and has been updated with new information.