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Hockey players at any level have a ton of gear to carry around, so the right equipment bag can make all the difference. Ice hockey bags have a variety of different features, which can make the “right” one sometimes feel a bit hard to come by if you’re not sure what to look for. 

So, what is the best hockey gear bag for 2023? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just deciding on one certain bag. But we’ve made finding the best ice hockey equipment bag easy, whether you’re looking for a bag for a youth player, a hockey stick bag, or you need a good hockey goalie bag. Read on, as we walk you through everything you need to think about before purchasing a new bag. We’ll even share some of our all-time favorite bags this year.

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In this article, we’ll cover:

List of the Best Ice Hockey Bags

1CCM 390 Player 18in. Wheeled Hockey Equipment BackpackCCM 390 Player 18in. Wheeled Hockey Equipment BackpackBuy Now
2Bauer Premium 36in. Senior Wheeled Hockey Equipment BagBauer Premium 36in. Senior Wheeled Hockey Equipment BagBuy Now
3Warrior Q20 32in. Wheeled Hockey Equipment BagWarrior Q20 32in. Wheeled Hockey Equipment BagBuy Now
4Grit PX4 Pro 32in. Hockey Carry BagGrit PX4 Pro 32in. Hockey Carry BagBuy Now
5Bauer S20 Pro Senior Carry Hockey Equipment BagBauer S20 Pro Senior Carry Hockey Equipment BagBuy Now
6Warrior Pro Carry BackpackWarrior Pro Carry BackpackBuy Now
7CCM Pro Core 32in. Carry Hockey Equipment BagCCM Pro Core 32in. Carry Hockey Equipment BagBuy Now

Type: Wheeled/Backpack Hybrid

Overview: The CCM 390 Player 18in. wheeled equipment backpack offers two methods of transport, wheels or heavy-duty backpack straps. This hybrid hockey gear bag features side skate pockets, a large main compartment and a secure accessory pocket for smaller gear and items. The honeycomb ripstop polyester and reinforced bottom tarpaulin fabric offer superior durability.

Key Features:

  • Retractable pull handle
  • Padded and reinforced backpack straps
  • Player ID pocket

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Type: Wheeled

Overview: With a heavy-duty bottom and tear and cut resistant handles, the Bauer Premium 36in. senior hockey bag is a tough and durable hockey gear bag. Its large, U-shaped main compartment provides easy access to all of your stored gear, and Dry Flow grommets throughout the bag increases airflow to reduce odor.

Key Features:

  • Reinforced base with extension pull handle
  • Rivet reinforced HD webbing
  • Easy-access U-shaped compartment

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Type: Wheeled

Overview: Warrior included a premium 600D ripstop polyester base and rubber structured corners to make the Q20 wheeled hockey bag durable and easy to roll from car to rink. Internal mesh pockets let players store smaller items away from equipment, and end skate pockets secure skates.

Key Features:

  • Uni-grip handle
  • Zippered internal valuables pocket
  • Large U-shaped opening

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Type: Duffle

Overview: With a pro-style look and durable 600Denier polyester construction, Grit hockey bags are a functional choice for all levels of play. The open storage compartment makes packing and unpacking easy, and internal mesh pockets prevent smaller items from being lost in the bottom of gear bags.

Key Features:

  • End-panel mesh skate pockets
  • Top-door player card window
  • Colored base liner

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Type: Duffle

Overview: The Bauer S20 Pro Senior bag is a functional and spacious ice hockey equipment gear bag. Internal mesh panels let players separate gear, and reinforced HD webbing offers durability over extended use. Grommets throughout provide increased airflow throughout the duffel.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty Pro-Tarp construction
  • Straight YKK zipper
  • Internal mesh organizer panels

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Type: Backpack

Overview: The Warrior Pro carry backpack is ideal for players who want a backpack style equipment bag. A strap storage system locks gear in place, while full end skate pockets separate skates and wet items. The double-corded zipper pulls let you easily open and seal compartments, and a stylish mix of materials make this bag an attractive option.

Key Features:

  • Full end skate pockets
  • Double-corded zipper pulls
  • Heavy-duty outer shell construction

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Type: Duffle 

Overview: Pro-quality 6000 polyester construction with reinforced webbed carrying handles helps this CCM Pro Core 32in. bag get to and from the rink with ease. Two internal pockets keeps smaller items separate and easy to find, while the removable side panel and player ID pocket give you the options to make this bag truly yours.

Key Features:

  • Pro Top-Quality 6000 polyester construction
  • 2 Large internal accessory pockets
  • Player ID pocket

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What Are the Different Hockey Bag Types?

Hockey players have more equipment to carry than a lot of other athletes. Helmets, skates and protective hockey gear take up significant space in bags, so the right one is important if you want to protect your gear. There are a few types of bags to consider when you’re searching for the best ice hockey gear bag.

Wheeled Bags

Wheeled rolling hockey bags usually have two wheels at one end of the bag and pull straps at the other. Wheeled bags can be a great option for players who are forced to park some distance from the rink. They’re also ideal for youth hockey players who aren’t strong enough yet to easily lug all their gear on their own.

Backpack Bags

A hockey bag backpack is designed to be compact and carried on your back to and from the rink. Generally, players with smaller and lighter equipment will choose a backpack-style gear bag.


A duffle is the traditional-style hockey bag that you'll see most-used by professionals and players with bulkier gear. Hockey duffle gear bags are carried over the shoulder by heavy duty straps. They easily contain all a player’s gear in an open main compartment, and they may have internal pockets for organization. 

Wheeled Duffle Hybrid Bags

A hockey duffle bag with wheels is a hybrid bag that combines open compartment features with the ability to pull your bag behind you. You'll find these bags in a number of styles and sizes that may fit your needs.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Hockey Bag

When choosing your hockey gear bag, you should consider a number of factors. The size of the bag, durability and longevity, storage options and how much you’re willing to spend will all play a part in your decision.

The Bag Size 

Make sure your hockey bag is the right size for all your gear. Youth players don’t need as much space as adult hockey players do. If the bag you’re buying is for a younger player, you probably don’t need the size or all the professional specs some bags offer. In fact, a big bag may even have too much space to store equipment securely. By contrast, Elite players will likely carry more gear than recreational players, so the largest-sized bags may be worth the investment to ensure all their gear fits.

How Durable it is

A hockey gear bag will go through a lot of abuse as you use it. Heavy equipment can weaken the shell or bottom. The bag may be dragged up or down rink stairs and thrown around locker rooms. Bulky bags can snag and tear. Some materials used in hockey equipment bags will be more durable than others, so you might want to look for a gear bag with reinforced handles, corners and bottoms for maximum life.

The Bag Material 

Ice hockey equipment bags are constructed out of a variety of materials. High-density polyester can be stronger than nylon and other materials, and rubber corners and reinforced pockets can also contribute to a longer life-span. When looking at the density of polyester material, you might notice a durability rating from 100 to 1000+. The higher density ratings indicate more durable materials.

How Many Compartments Does it Have? 

Some gear bags come with a simple, wide open main compartment, while others have side pockets, mesh interior pockets and other storage options. If you're a casual drop-in hockey player looking for a simple bag that’ll just hold all your gear, you may not need a ton of customization options. However, if you like to keep your gear extra organized, or if you like to separate your skates, tape and other accessories, you might want a bag with multiple compartments.

How Much to Spend 

Once you've decided on the features you want in your equipment bag, next you want to look at price. Budget bags will likely contain less storage options and may be made from inferior materials. If you want a long-lasting bag with upgraded features, you might need to be willing to spend a bit more. Casual players may be able to get away with a cheaper bag, but those players who are on the ice multiple times a week may want to consider expanding their budget.

Best Hockey Bags by Category

As promised, it's time for our recommendations for the best hockey bags in several different categories. (and don’t worry if you don't see something that piques your interest here...we’re confident you'll find a great selection of alternatives at HockeyMonkey).

Best Budget Hockey Bag

Warrior Q40 32in. Carry Hockey Equipment Bag: The Warrior Q40 bag has the dimensions of a professional hockey equipment bag without the high price tag. A spacious open main compartment has adequate room for all your gear, and Warrior logo colors give this adult hockey equipment bag a pop of color. The polyester construction is waterproof and tear resistant. 

Best Wheeled/Rolling Hockey Bag

CCM 320 Player Core 32in. Wheeled Hockey Equipment Bag: With all-terrain wheels, the CCM 320 wheeled bag is designed to be easily pulled over virtually any surface. It has a large interior compartment to store gear, and it’s constructed from durable 6000 polyester to withstand the abuse most bags take. 

Best Hockey Backpack

Warrior Pro Carry Backpack: The Warrior Pro Carry backpack is our choice for best backpack because of its versatility and easy use. A strap system holds gear in place while carried, and double pull-cord zipper pulls let you access gear easily. Full end pockets let players separate skates and wet items from the rest of their gear.

Best Hockey Duffle Bag

Bauer S20 Pro Senior Carry Hockey Equipment Bag: Constructed from heavy-duty Pro-Tarp materials and Rivent reinforced HD webbing, the Bauer S20 Pro is an incredibly durable ice hockey equipment bag. Internal mesh organizer panels in the main compartment give you the option to separate gear and keep the inside of your bag tidy. Dry-Flow grommets offer maximum airflow.

Best Hockey Hybrid Bag

Warrior Q20 32in. Wheeled Hockey Equipment Bag: The Warrior Q20 hockey equipment bag has a uni-grip handle and two end straps that allow it to double as either a wheeled or carried ice hockey equipment bag. With a soft-lined helmet pocket, end skate pockets, internal mesh storage and a zippered valuables pocket, this bag is one of the most versatile ones out there.

Best Youth Hockey Bag

CCM 390 Player 18in. Wheeled Hockey Equipment Backpack: The CCM 390 is our pick for best youth hockey bag with wheels because it’s a backpack or it can be pulled with a retractable, CCM-branded pull handle. Reinforced with bottom tarpaulin fabric and constructed from high-density honeycomb polyester, the CCM 390 is a great bag for younger players.

Best Adult Hockey Bag

Grit PX4 Pro 32in. Hockey Carry Bag: The Grit PX4 Pro bag is designed with professional appeal in mind. It has an open storage area with mesh accessory pockets to separate smaller items. This adult hockey equipment bag is crafted from 600Denier polyester and has a poly vinyl tarp base for ultimate durability. Flow-through ventilation helps reduce moisture and odors.

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HockeyMonkey has a large selection of adult and youth ice hockey gear bags, so you’re sure to find the right one for your game. Now that you know all of your options, it’s time to browse our full selection of hockey bags.  


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