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Sometimes buying holiday gifts can be tough, but here at HockeyMonkey, we have created this comprehensive list to give you some ideas on what to get that special hockey player in your life! Gifts for hockey players range from gear, off-season training items, unique hockey gifts like memorabilia, and so on. Of course, this list can’t cover everything we have to offer, so be sure to check out the rest of our items at!

Best Gifts for Hockey Players

1. Blue Sports Training Tiles

These training tiles are a great choice for players who want to work on their stickhandling and shooting skills without having to get on the ice!

Blue Sports Training Tiles are a great way for players to hone their skills off-ice. The tiles are easy to assemble and disassemble and can be set up in any position and size depending on how much space you have.

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2. USA Hockey Shooter Tutor

This shooter tutor is a great off-ice tool for players who want to work on their shooting accuracy.

The USA Hockey Shooter Tutor features five durable mesh pockets (one in each corner and one five-hole) that are placed to replicate the “open” spots on a real goaltender. For convenience, this shooter tutor will fit on full regulation-sized nets, attached by 14 bungee cords with plated steel grommets for a quick and easy set-up.

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3. New Hockey Gear

In our opinion, you can never go wrong with getting that hockey player in your life some new gear!

New Hockey Gear

At, we offer all different types of hockey gear from a variety of different major hockey brands such as Bauer, CCM, True, and Warrior. Additionally, we carry numerous hockey accessories such as hockey bags, replacement skate blades, and so on.

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4. Knee Hockey Set

What is a better way to spend your off-ice time than with a classic game of knee hockey! Our website features a wide variety of styles and teams to choose from.

Knee-hockey sets are constructed out of 1-inch PVC piping to make sure the nets don't get damaged during intense games. Most sets will come with one goal along with two sticks and a ball.

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Best Gifts for Hockey Coaches

1. Rink Jacket

Stay warm but also lightweight and flexible during your on-ice coaching sessions with a Rink Jacket.

Rink Jackets are a great way to stay comfortable on the ice when you’re coaching and not wearing full hockey gear. Most rink jackets, like the ones made by CCM and True, feature a breathable liner to wick moisture away from the body and are constructed out of a water-repellent twill material to keep you dry.

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2. Stick Handling Training Aid

This stickhandling training aid is an excellent tool for coaches to help improve their player's on-ice stick skills.

This training aid is a great option for coaches to use on-ice as it helps players with stickhandling and deking skills. Moreover, it can also be incorporated into shooting drills for even more effectiveness.

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3. Blue Sports Suction Cup Hockey Board

Replace your current marker-stained coaching board with a new Blue Sports Suction Cup Hockey Board!

Another essential piece of gear that is essential for any ice hockey coach is a hockey board. This allows coaches to draw up plays for their players during practice, or on the fly during games. The Blue Sports Suction Cup Hockey Board conveniently utilizes suction cups on the back allowing coaches to stick it to the glass on the boards so they can draw plays up without having to hold it and making it easier for all players to see!

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Best Hockey Gifts for Her

1. Women’s Hockey Apparel

At HockeyMonkey, we carry a wide variety of apparel that is specifically sized for women!

Women's Hockey Apparel

We carry a wide variety of apparel that is specifically tailored for women. Gone are the days where you have to order a size down in men’s clothing! Choose from a range of workout gear, rink gear, and compressions. These items make great options if you are looking for hockey gifts for girls!

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2. Nike USA Hockey Varsity Hoodie

The Nike USA Hockey Varsity Hoodie keeps female players warm during travel to games in the cold months or while at the rink!

Constructed of 52% cotton, the Nike USA Hockey Varsity Hoodie will keep you comfortable and warm throughout usage. For added convenience, it has a big front pouch pocket for storing various items. This is a great hockey gift for girls that lets them show off their USA Hockey fandom!

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3. Women’s Workout Pants

Here at HockeyMonkey, we have a number of different styles of pants for women from major brands like Nike and Under Armour!

Women's Workout Pants

With styles ranging from looser-fitting sweatpants to tight-fitting compression pants, we have plenty of options. These pant styles are great for off-ice training and cardio, as well as traditional weight-room exercises.

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Best Hockey Gifts for Christmas

1. Adidas AdiZero Authentic NHL Hockey Jersey

Represent your favorite NHL team in style with an authentic Adidas AdiZero jersey. Taking it a step further, we at HockeyMonkey have the ability to outfit the jersey with the name and number of your favorite hockey player!

The AdiZero NHL Jerseys by Adidas are the highest of quality built with their Clima technology for breathability while also keeping wearers warm. These officially licensed jerseys also feature sewn logos for more of a high-quality look and feel compared to heat-patched logos. If you are looking for gifts for hockey fans, these jerseys are a great option.

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2. Off-Ice/Training Apparel

Stay loose and comfortable with apparel built specifically for hockey workouts and games. Brands include the major hockey brands.

Warrior Challenge Men's Long Sleeve Shirt

Major hockey brands like Bauer, CCM, True, and Warrior have their own clothing lines tailored towards ice hockey players and lifestyles. Rink Jackets are great options for travel to and from rinks, loose-fitting shorts are a great option for working out, and so on. These items make for great hockey Christmas gifts!

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3. Therapy Device

Therapy devices have made a huge impact on the hockey market over the past year and for good reason. Examples like the Theragun is a deep tissue massager that helps relieve tension in hyper-local areas of the body.

The Theragun therapy devices help alleviate painful tension points on your body that often occur after hockey games.  This is carried out thanks to the 60% deeper “reach” to the problem area when compared to commercial-grade massagers.  They are also great options for stimulating circulation and blood flow, which is extremely helpful for your legs.

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Best Hockey Gifts for Kids

1. Green Biscuit Puck Combo

Hone your shooting and stick handling skills off-ice with the Green Biscuit Training Pucks!

The Green Biscuit pucks are designed to be used on dryland to help hone your shooting and stickhandling skills. While it doesn’t have the same weight as a hockey puck, the added friction from it and the ground will make it feel like it does, allowing it to perform just like a normal puck on ice!

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2. Bauer Ag5nt Hockey Sticks

The AG5nt Hockey Stick is Bauer’slightest and most advanced stick. Using the revolutionary material BORON creates two key performance benefits: lightest Bauer stick ever and quickest release they’ve ever produced.

The Bauer AG5NT sticks include a lightweight construction for improved handling and maneuverability, a responsive blade for enhanced puck control and shooting accuracy, and advanced carbon fiber materials for increased durability and power in shots. 

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Best Gifts for Hockey Goalies

1. Custom Goalie Gear

If you were to ask a hockey goalie what the best hockey gift for them would be, we are sure that most would say custom goalie gear!

Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Custom Goalie Leg PadsCCM Extreme Flex 5 Pro Custom Senior Goalie Leg PadsBauer Vapor 3X Senior Custom Goalie Leg Pads

GoalieMonkey offers pad sets from all major goalie manufacturers that cater to all goalie preferences regarding style, fit, and comfort. As an added benefit, goalies can customize their pads, gloves, and blockers right on the site, simply by choosing the items they want and following the steps on the following page! Custom goalie gear is always one of the best gifts for hockey goalies you can buy!

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2. Goalie Equipment Bag

Another gift for hockey goalies, especially those with new gear, is a brand new goalie equipment bag.

CCM Pro Wheeled 44in. Large Goalie Equipment Bag - '19 Model

Keep your new gear fresh and organized with a new equipment bag! Goaliemonkey carries a wide variety of different options when it comes to equipment bags; from wheeled bags to carried bags, from all of the major hockey brands like Bauer, CCM, Vaughn, and Warrior.

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This article was originally published on December 7, 2021, and has been updated with new information.