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With numerous glove launches over the past year, in this article, we will go over what we think are the best hockey gloves for the 2022 season and beyond.  To see more options, check out our full selection of ice hockey gloves.

In this article, we’ll cover:

List of the Best Ice Hockey Gloves

1Warrior Covert QRE 10 GlovesWarrior Covert QRE 10 GlovesBuy Now
2CCM Super Tacks AS1 GlovesCCM Super Tacks AS1 GlovesBuy Now
3Bauer Vapor 2X GlovesBauer Vapor 2X GlovesBuy Now
4True A6.0 GlovesTrue A6.0 GlovesBuy Now
5CCM JetSpeed FT1 GlovesCCM JetSpeed FT1 GlovesBuy Now
6Bauer Nexus 2N GlovesBauer Nexus 2N GlovesBuy Now
7CCM Tacks 4R Pro2 GlovesCCM Tacks 4R Pro2 GlovesBuy Now
8True XC9 GlovesTrue XC9 GlovesBuy Now
9Warrior Alpha DX GlovesWarrior Alpha DX GlovesBuy Now
10Warrior Alpha LX 30 GlovesWarrior Alpha LX 30 GlovesBuy Now

Overview: The Warrior Covert QRE 10 Gloves are Warrior’s most advanced glove to date. Warrior combined ultimate comfort, feel, and durability making these a great pick for players of any skill level. 

Key Features:

  • AxyFlexx Cuff and thumb offer ultimate wrist freedom while handling the puck and shooting while still offering full slash protection and the AXYFlex Thumb, which aids in mobility and dexterity.
  • Combining the AxyFlexx features with the Lycra gussets throughout, along with the Pro SmartPalm+ with Clarino HAR, the Covert QRE 10 Gloves will provide an incredibly durable and game-ready feel right off the shelf
  • For breathability and comfort, the Covert QRE 10 utilizes a Wartech FNC liner with a Polygiene layer, which helps wick moisture away from the hands during gameplay, and decreases dry time.

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Overview: Like the Covert QRE 10 Gloves, the CCM Super Tacks AS1 Gloves are packed with technology and features, making them a top-of-the-line, pro-level glove. While they are the more expensive gloves on this list, the Super Tacks AS1 Gloves will provide maximum performance and durability for even the most skilled players. 

Key Features:

  • Revamped anatomical fit that is form-fitting on the hand and gradually opened up towards the cuff for a controlled feel during stickhandling and shooting. Also featured a segmented Flexcuff that enhances mobility without affecting protection.
  • Constructed out of pro-selected polyester material, giving the glove great durability against cuts. 
  • The Pro-Clarino Palm is one of the best in the business thanks to the dual-layer design that provides maximum comfort and durability against hockey stick tape.

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Overview: The Bauer Vapor 2X Gloves are a great bang for your buck pair of gloves, offering top-end specs for right around $150. They are incredibly light, comfortable, and protective, providing players with an all-around great package. 

Key Features:

  • Dual Density Foam with HyperLite HD Foam with PE Inserts used throughout the glove, providing players with enhanced protection without sacrificing protection or weight. 
  • The close-to-the-hand fit paired with the molded cuff rolls give players improved mobility during stickhandling and shooting
  • Bauer’s  Ivory micro-suede Pro Palm with full overlay provides players with even more comfort and control while adding a layer of durability against stick tape.

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Overview: The True A6.0 Gloves are the newest iteration of their classic, 4-roll design. These gloves were designed with maximum performance and comfort in mind. 

Key Features:

  • Engineered to efficiently absorb the force of impacts, thanks to the addition of the Pro-Grade EPP foams topped with PE inserts used throughout the entirety of the gloves. 
  • Microban liner used on the interior of the gloves helps wick moisture away from players’ hands and works to eliminate odor-causing bacterias.
  • For mobility, the True A6.0 Gloves utilize True’s new ergonomic flexible cuff, paired with the TrueFlex+ thumb, that helps protect players against hyperextension and direct impacts against slashes.

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Overview: Another great all-around option are the CCM JetSpeed FT1 Gloves. Coming in at $120, these gloves still offer some of the best durability and performance on the market.  

Key Features:

  • Anatomical, close-to-the-hand fit that provides players with great control and comfort. Paired with CCM’s Flex CUff that gives players added mobility without sacrificing protection. 
  • Pro-level protection is provided by the layer of Zotefoam and D30 material used throughout the gloves, giving players added protection against direct impacts such as blocked shots or slashes. 
  • While the JetSpeed FT1 Gloves are packed with tech specs, they are no slouch in the durability department either. The palms are constructed out of a dual-layer Pro Clarino material that provides unmatched durability along with great control of the stick during stickhandling and shooting.

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Overview: The Bauer Nexus 2N Gloves are still some of Bauer’s most popular gloves on the market thanks to their classic 4-roll fit and design, along with more modern features, that make them a great bang-for-your-buck option.  

Key Features:

  • Inner Liner with Bauer’s 37.5® sweat-wicking technology and Sanitized® odor-resistant treatment, helps wick moisture away from the hands during gameplay, helping keep them cool and comfortable.  This combination also helps the gloves dry out faster when they are not in use, so they are ready to go for your next game!
  • 3-piece Flex-Lock thumb that promotes flexibility by better fitting to the shape of your thumb. Also prevents hyperextension of the thumbs by locking once it gets to a certain point.
  • The AX SUEDE™ Quattro Grip palm enhances the comfort and durability even further by protecting the palms against your stick tape.

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Overview: The CCM Tacks 4R Pro2 Gloves are a great option for players who want a 4-roll style glove with pro-level protection without breaking the bank.

Key Features:

  • Pro-level protection is provided by the dual-density foams with PE-Inserts and D30 Smart Material throughout the entirety of the glove wrapped in polyester and PU leather. This combination provides players with maximum durability and protection by deferring force of direct impacts away from the hands.
  • Reinforced Nash palm that provides excellent stick feel during stick handling and shooting, while also being able to withstand the wear and tear of hockey stick tape. 
  • Inside the Tacks 4R Pro2 Gloves is a Polygiene-treated liner, which helps wick moisture away from the hands so players are comfortable during gameplay.  This liner also helps the gloves dry out quicker when they are not in use so they are fresh during your next game or practice!

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Overview: Arguably the most protective gloves on this list, and the market in general, are True’s new XC9 Gloves! 

Key Features:

  • The 24mm pro-level EPP foams, paired with a 1mm outer shell, provide players with maximum protection during all facets of the game. Whether you’re blocking shots, digging in the corners, or getting slashed on the hands, players will be well-protected in the XC9 gloves
  • Anatomical fit with three-piece index and middle finger designs for maximum comfort and a close to the hand fit for great response and stick feel
  • TrueFlexx+ Lock-Thumb was designed with optimal range of motion in mind while stickhandling and shooting.  This design also protects against hyperextension by locking once it gets to a certain backward point.

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Oerview: While the Warrior Alpha DX Gloves are some of the pricer gloves on this list, that comes with good reason. Packed with advancements in protection and feel, the Alpha DX Gloves are still one of the best buys on the market, especially for those elite-level players. 

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Strike Technology - An ultra-protective and stylish 4-roll design paired with a hybrid taper fit. Best of both worlds for players looking for a protective glove that features a responsive, close-to-the-hand fit that won’t sacrifice mobility.  
  • Buttersoft feel thanks to Warriors Pro Palm+, Lycra gussets throughout, and the AXI-Flex thumb, giving the gloves unmatched protection and a game-ready feel. 
  • Wartech FNC strike yellow liners, built with a layer of Polygiene material, allowing the gloves to wick moisture away from the hands and help keep your Alpha DX gloves odor-free!

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Overview: Rounding out our top 10 list are Warrior’s newest iteration in their 4-roll line-up; the Warrior Alpha LX 30 hockey gloves. These gloves provide players with good protection and mobility at a desirable price point.  

Key Features:

  • Classic anatomical, hybrid-taper fit that conforms to the shape of the hand without feeling restrictive. This setup provides great mobility and responsiveness during stickhandling and shooting. 
  • Warrior’s “Butter Soft” feel utilizes lycra gussets throughout the fingers and palms giving players that game-ready feel right off the shelf. 
  • Pro Cuff is non-restrictive and extends the range of motion thus improving your puck handling while still providing elite-level protection from slashes around the wrist area.
  • The Pro-palm enhances the comfort and feel characteristics even further. Additionally, it also increases overall durability against wear and tear of hockey stick tape.

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How to Choose Hockey Glove Sizes

The quickest way to see if a glove does or does not fit is to try it on and see if it covers the entirety of your palm. If not, the glove is too small. If it does but feels too loose, then the glove is too big. You can get a more accurate reading by measuring from the base of the palm to the tip of your index finger (in inches) and that number will be a good indicator of the size you will want to start with. Of course, you will also want to factor in the fit of the glove, whether you want an anatomical fit, classic fit, etc. For more in-depth details on how to choose hockey glove sizes, check out our complete guide on hockey glove sizing.

Best Hockey Gloves by Category

Best Budget Hockey Gloves (under $100)

CCM Tacks 9060 Hockey Gloves: Coming in right at $99.99 are the CCM Tacks 9060 Gloves.  This pair of gloves is the total package when it comes to fit, protection, and longevity.  They utilize that close-to-the-hand fit for complete control of the stick, dual-density foams throughout for heightened protection against a variety of hockey impacts, and a nash palm for added durability against stick tape, keeping your gloves feeling and looking newer, for longer.

Best Bauer Hockey Gloves

Bauer Vapor 2X Hockey Gloves: In our opinion, the Best Bauer Hockey Gloves are the Vapor 2X Gloves.  Coming in at $150, which is a step under high-end pricing, these gloves still offer players elite-level tech specs. The Dual Density Foams with HyperLite HD Foams with PE Inserts used throughout the gloves, make them a great option for players who need high-end protection.  However, they are also incredibly lightweight, keeping players mobile and comfortable. Lastly, the Ivory micro-suede Pro Palm with a full overlay is a comfortable palm designed to be highly durable from the wear of the player’s stick and tape during use.

Best CCM Hockey Gloves

CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Gloves: The Best CCM Hockey Gloves right now are the CCM Super Tacks AS1 Gloves. Without question, they are CCM’s most advanced glove on the market right now, providing players with an all-around elite-level package. The anatomical fit of the gloves, paired with the Flexcuff cuff, gives players a great balance of both protection and mobility.  And while the Super Tacks AS1 Gloves are some of the pricier gloves on this list, their durability makes up for it thanks to a dual-layer palm, that keeps your gloves feeling and looking newer for longer, without sacrificing stick feel and comfort.

Best Warrior Hockey Gloves

Warrior Covert QRE 10 Hockey Gloves: The Best Warrior Hockey Gloves go to Warrior’s latest iteration of their Covert line, the Covert QRE 10 Gloves. The gloves use the Covert Taper Fit profile, contouring to a player’s natural hand and wrist shape to maximize mobility and protection. Enhancing that is Warrior’s new AXYFlex V2 cuff, which offers the ultimate wrist freedom while handling the puck and shooting while still offering full slash protection and the AXYFlex Thumb, which aids in mobility and dexterity. The Pro SmartPalm+ with Clarino HAR is just part of what makes these gloves feel game-ready right off the shelf. This combination consists of thicker, abrasion reinforcement that slows wear and tear without sacrificing that soft touch feel.

Best Youth Hockey Gloves

Warrior Alpha DX3 Youth Hockey Gloves: The Warrior Alpha DX3 hockey gloves are a great option for younger players who are still developing their strength and stick skills. They offer a protective and comfortable fit thanks to the 4-roll build.  Additionally, they are ready to go right off the shelf thanks to the butter-soft feel provided by the mesh gussets on the fingers and palm!

Best Junior Hockey Gloves

Warrior Covert QRE Junior Hockey Gloves: The best junior hockey gloves are the Warrior Covert QRE 40 Hockey Gloves.  The Warrior Covert Taper Fit is perfect for those players who are ready to put their newly learned stickhandling skills into action by providing a responsive, yet protective, fit. They also utilize Warrior’s EXO foams throughout, which provide great protection against falls and deflected pucks.

Best Senior Hockey Gloves

Bauer Vapor X2.9 Senior Hockey Gloves: The best senior hockey gloves go to the Bauer Vapor X2.9 Hockey Gloves. The Vapor X2.9 Gloves feature some specs that are found in their more advanced model, but at a much better price point.  The Cable Mesh with PU Overlay outer shell allows the glove to maintain superior durability, allowing the player to get the most longevity out of their gloves. On the inside of the palm of the Vapor X2.9 hockey gloves, they feature super soft Taktile Palms which is an incredibly comfortable palm designed to be durable from the wear of the player’s stick and tape during use. To top it off, the Vapor X2.9 hockey gloves come in a variety of different colors, which can be found on our website!

When sizing hockey gloves, the general rule of thumb is that you want to make sure that the palm of the glove fully covers the palm of your hand when wearing them. If you can see the base of your palm while you have them on, try going with one size larger. If you have access to a tape measure, measure (in inches) from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm. That number will indicate what size you will want to go with. From there, you can pick which type of fit you prefer (anatomical, traditional, etc.). For more detailed information, check out our complete guide to hockey glove sizing.

What are the Best Hockey Glove Brands?

Bauer hockey gloves are the most popular brand when it comes to the best hockey glove brands. They offer three lines of gloves; Vapor, Supreme, and Nexus. The Vapor line is a snug-fitting glove that is great for crafty stickhandling players. The Supreme line is an anatomical, form-fitting close that is a combination of great protection and mobility. The Nexus line is ultra-protective and features a classic 4-roll feel and look. 

CCM hockey gloves are another great option when discussing the best hockey glove brands. Like Bauer, CCM also has three fit styles; JetSpeed, Tacks, and the Tacks 4-Roll, which feature the same qualities as Bauer.  However, CCM has proven themselves as a great option for players who are looking for unmatched durability as well.  

Warrior hockey gloves are starting to make a huge name for themselves with a rapidly increasing amount of players in the NHL starting to wear them. Warrior has two fit styles; their classic-fitting Alpha line, and their anatomical fitting Covert line.  Both lines have multiple different price points to choose from as well. Lastly, the Warrior hockey gloves have the most color options!

True hockey gloves are the newest major glove brand, however, they are quickly starting to make a name for themselves, with the likes of Mitch Marner from the Maple Leafs using them.  True has two lines as well, the XC line, which is True’s snug-fitting glove, and the A line, which is True’s classic-fitting glove. Both offer high-level performance specs at a great price point.

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