Best Hockey Skates for 2024

Finding the best ice skates for hockey is important to every player. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a beginner skater – the right hockey skate can make a world of difference every time you step on the ice.

Whether you’re looking for the right skate to take your game to the next level, or you need a pair for pick-up games on weekends, our guide will give you an overview of the top 10 best ice skates for hockey available today.

Best Hockey Skates for 2024

The best ice skates for hockey will vary for each player, depending on factors such as skill level, playing style, how long you’ve skated, how often you skate and of course how much you want to spend. Skates have different features, and you may find a skate lower on our list suits your skillset better than our top pick, and that’s ok. The skate that works best for you is one that provides the comfort and performance tailored to your game. We based our top 10 list by evaluating things like comfort, fit, style and price point.


The CCM Jetspeed FT6 Pro Hockey Skates feature a one-piece SPEED boot with a game-ready fit, offering enhanced performance, acceleration, and lightness. The boot is constructed with RFM composite and high-end core material for NHL-level protection and durability. The ADPT comfort tongue with flexmotion and TotalDri Pro+ Liner ensure a comfortable and moisture-wicking interior.

These skates come with a molded CCM Ortholite Ultra footbed for added comfort, heel grip support, and ADPT memory foam. The SpeedBlade XS holder, with an enhanced dial, allows for quick blade replacement while maximizing energy transfer. The STEP Blacksteel (+4mm) runners offer superior edge hardness and glide. The CCM Jetspeed FT6 Pro Hockey Skates are designed for elite-level skaters seeking improved speed, comfort, and performance.

Known For:

  • One-piece SPEED boot technology has no outsole, no stitching, and no glue in high-energy transfer zones
  • RFM composite with high end core material is extremely lightweight without sacrificing protection or durability
  • ADPT comfort tongue with flexmotion
  • TotalDri Pro+ Liner with polygiene
  • CCM Ortholite Ultra footbed with ADPT memory foam
  • SpeedBlade XS holder with STEP Blacksteel (+4mm) runners

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Engineered for the most powerful athletes in the game, the all-new Bauer Supreme Mach Senior Ice Hockey Skates look to give you power on a whole new level with their most advanced Supreme skated ever designed. The 3D lasted curve composite quarter package and 12K curve composite boot is an ultra-lightweight structure and is Bauer's  most thermoformable boot, giving you the best fit possible for your foot shape.

A new addition, AMP (active motion performance) skate flex, is a flex facing that adds more forward flex in the upper portion of the skate. This flex will allow you to push harder and get more energy transfer to get a stronger stride each time you push off. The Powercoil tongue features an improved insert for faster recoil speed that helps explode into each stride giving you the maximum flex and performance every time you skate.

The Lock Fit Pro liner is designed to keep your feet locked into place, as well as quickly wick away sweat, providing you with ultimate feel and control while on the ice. Customize your skates with your choice of runner options; simply choose the skate with your desired performance level and finish.

Known For:

  • 3D lasted curve 12K composite quarter package
  • Powercoil tongue
  • Lock Fit Pro liner
  • TUUK Lightspeed Edge holders
  • Choose your preferred runners: Carbonlite, Pulse TI, or Pulse

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The CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Senior Ice Hockey Skates are built for strength and power while being extremely lightweight. This skate provides superior energy transfer and a closer fit, to support the most intense skating strides. These skates feature a close to the foot anatomical fit that players are accustomed to with the Tacks line. This form-fitting, 360-degree fit around the forefoot, heel, and ankle helps eliminate negative space within the boot, allowing for more efficient energy transfer meaning improved speed and agility.

CCM’s one-piece “Power” boot technology gives you more direct energy transfer and a closer to the foot fit to keep you as fast and agile as possible on the ice. This one piece boot is built with RFM composite carbon which is a premium carbon material that delivers the best energy transfer possible within the boot.

CCM’s replaceable metatomic tongue with D30 foam, a multi-layer 7mm tongue will have an asymmetrical flex point for a better wrap and the D30 smart material insert will help to disperse the force of direct impacts, such as blocked shots, away from the sensitive ankle areas.

The TotalDri Pro+ liner with Polygiene is an elite-performance moisture-wicking material that helps wick moisture away from the body, keeping them dry and light on their feet. The Ortholite Ultralite footbed with heel grip offers premium comfort and support using recycled EVA foams.

SpeedBlade XS holders were developed as a quick and easy way for players to replace runners on the fly, while ensuring a consistent feel every time. The holders utilize a positive-lock mechanism that tightly secures the runners to the holder to prevent the blade from loosening during gameplay. Customize your skates with your choice of STEP Steel options; simply choose the skate with your desired performance level and finish.

Known For:

  • One-piece “Power” boot technology
  • Replaceable metatomic tongue with D30 foam
  • TotalDri Pro+ liner with Polygiene
  • SpeedBlade XS holders
  • Choose your preferred steel runners: Step Blacksteel, Step-V-Steel, or Step Steel

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The Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Ice Hockey Skates represent the next level of the Vapor skate line, offering cutting-edge technology and superior comfort for elite players. They feature a lightweight and durable construction with a 3D lasted CURV Composite quarter package for exceptional stiffness and support. These skates offer a customized fit through thermoforming, ensuring optimal energy transfer.

The pro stock 48oz felt tongue and Flex Facing design enhance forward flex and protection while optimizing stride power. The powerfly blade holder enables lightning-fast turns and acceleration, with improved blade security. The skates prioritize comfort with a lockfit footbed, hydrolite liner, and Aerofoam ankle pads.

For elite players seeking innovation and top-tier performance, the Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Ice Hockey Skates offer a game-changing experience on the ice.

Known For:

  • 3-D lasted Carbon Curv Composite quarter package
  • Pro stock 48oz felt tongue offers enhanced forward flex and added protection
  • Choose between Fly-Ti and Fly-X runners

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The CCM Ribcor 100K Pro Ice Hockey Skates prioritize agility, comfort, and performance. These skates feature a one-piece flex boot technology for direct energy transfer and a closer fit, enhancing stride speed and efficiency. The customizable XS tongue system with advanced lace bite protection allows for a personalized fit. The TotalDri comfort liner and ADPT memory foams keep players dry and comfortable while providing an anatomical fit.

The skates also come with the SpeedBlade XS holder and BladeLock Technology for consistent energy transfer and a secure blade-to-holder connection. The STEP Blacksteel (+4mm) runners offer superior edge hardness and increased speed. Designed for elite-level skaters seeking enhanced protection, comfort, and performance, the CCM Ribcor 100K Pro Ice Hockey Skates are a top choice.

Known For:

  • One-piece flex boot technology for more direct energy transfer and a closer fit for faster strides
  • Customizable XS tongue system allows for easy replacement of the tongue
  • TotalDri comfort liner
  • STEP Blacksteel (+4mm) runners

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The True Catalyst 9 Ice Hockey Skates offer advanced technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing to provide custom skate performance in an off-the-shelf design. These skates have undergone extensive development, including thousands of foot scans, to achieve a custom-like fit. The NEUROFIT+ technology in the boot enhances neuromuscular connection to the ice, improving response and control. The True Catalyst 9 features TRUESHELL tech, combining carbon fiber and thermoplastic for lightweight protection and performance.

The redesigned CARV toe cap allows for quicker turns without losing an edge. The skates also boast an elite orthograde performance foam tongue for anatomical comfort and adjustability. Inside, the Hydrofoam liner keeps feet dry and comfortable, while the personalized fit system accommodates different arch types.

The SHIFT MAX Holder offers fast blade replacement, and the 9CR Stainless Steel runners enhance durability and acceleration

Known For:

  • NEUROFIT+ combines innovative one-piece shell design with thermoformable materials
  • Elite orthograde performance foam tongue
  • Insole integrates fit inserts to accommodate low, mid, and high arch feet
  • SHIFT MAX Holder with BenchChange technology and high grade 9CR Stainless Steel runners

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The Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates are aimed at performance-driven athletes seeking innovation. These skates feature a 3D lasted composite quarter package for a superior fit, with a flex composite boot that enhances flexibility and efficiency. The traditional facing flex and 48oz felt tongue with metatarsal guard boost stride power and efficiency.

The hydrophobic microfiber liner keeps feet secure and wicks away sweat, while the TUUK Lightspeed Edge holder and Bauer LS+ runners offer precise blade customization. Overall, the Bauer Supreme M4 skates are designed to provide confidence, fit, and performance for performance-level players.

Known For:

  • A flex composite boot is easier to flex, lightweight, and a supportive structure
  • Traditional facing flex helps players flex over their toes so that you can reach your top speed easier
  • A hydrophobic microfiber liner is designed to keep your feet locked into place, as well as quickly wick away sweat

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The True HZRDUS 7X Ice Hockey Skates offer high-performance features at an affordable price point. These skates are designed for players who seek excellence without a hefty price tag. They combine lightweight construction with strength, resulting in optimal energy transfer and explosive acceleration. The heat-moldable technology provides a personalized fit for comfort and reduced foot fatigue.

Additionally, the skates feature the Shift Max blade system for enhanced maneuverability, durability with a reinforced toe cap and ankle support, and a redesigned tendon guard for better response. The True HZRDUS 7X Skates offer a winning combination of performance, comfort, and affordability, allowing players to elevate their game with confidence.

Known For:

  • Neurofit+ one-piece shell design delivers outstanding support and stability
  • Shift Max blade system enhances maneuverability and control
  • CARV toe cap gives you a low profile that allows for better turning & clearance
  • Redesigned tendon guard for greater response and an asymmetrical tongue for maximum comfort and lace bite protection

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The Vapor X3 hockey skate is the result of 25 years of innovation. Bauer is now able to build a competitive level skate with technology from previous years’ high end models at a friendlier price that’s perfect for any new hockey player.

DIGI COMP Quarter features a more flexible construction and added comfort at the ankle Comfort Edge Collar. Lightspeed Edge holder features a quick release trigger to allow for fast steel replacement.

Known For:

  • DIGI COMP Quarter features a more flexible construction and added comfort at the ankle Comfort Edge Collar
  • Pro Stock Comfort Tongue gives a professional feel and comfort for added performance
  • Lightspeed Edge holder with quick release trigger
  • LS+ Steel provides increased quality and height, giing players a tighter turn radius and ability to profile and sharpen for longer periods of time.

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True Hockey introduces the True Catalyst 5 Ice Hockey Skates, offering high-end technology at an affordable price point. These skates are designed to provide a custom-like fit through extensive research and development.

They feature a TRUESHELL tech shell, combining carbon fiber and thermoplastic for lightweight protection and performance. The redesigned asymmetrical toe cap enables quicker turns, while the mid-grade felt tongue with T-guard offers comfort and customization.

The SHIFT MAX Holder allows for fast blade replacement, and the skates are thermoformable for an enhanced fit. The True Catalyst 5 skates are an excellent choice for competitive-level players seeking top performance without breaking the bank.

Known For:

  • TRUESHELL tech, a proprietary co-molded carbon fiber and thermoplastic one-piece shell creates a thermoformed boot
  • Shift Max blade system enhances maneuverability and control
  • Mid-grade felt tongue with T-guard has a stiff and contoured design allowing for a lightweight but anatomical fit for enhanced comfort

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Components of a Hockey Skate

Hockey Skate Boots

Hockey skate boots are where your foot sits inside the skate. Think of them as being similar to a shoe – they form around your entire foot.

Holders and Runners

The holders attach blades to the outsole of the hockey boot on the bottom. The runners are the actual blades underneath the holders. You typically want the holder and runner to be two individual parts, which on higher end skates, is always the case.

What Makes Up a Hockey Skate

An ice hockey skate is made up of several different parts, and the way each one is constructed may change the fit, feel and weight of the skate.

Liner: The material inside the boot that provides padding and comfort.

Heel Support : The pocket at the back of the boot which secures your heel and provides stability.

Footbed: The padded insert that covers the bottom of the inside of the boot. Typically is removable and in some cases heat moldable.

Ankle Padding: A pad made from foam or other soft material to provide ankle support.

Tongue: The protective cover under the laces and on top of the front of the foot.

Quarter Package: Essentially, the shell of the boot. It’s crafted to provide flexibility and support for the foot.

Outsole: The hard bottom of the boot. The holder is attached to the outsole.

Considerations When Buying Your Hockey Skates

Keep in mind that just because a skate ranks high on our top 10 list, it does not necessarily mean that it’s the best skate for you. You should consider all the factors that make a skate the perfect fit for your ice hockey experience, including things such as your skill level, playing style and level of experience.

Hockey Skill Level

A player new to the sport may struggle in a stiff skate that’s designed for expert skaters. They should not, however, steer completely clear of rigid skates. An overly flexible skate will not offer the support necessary to learn to skate properly. A highly experienced player will no doubt look for a more aggressive skate that is crafted for high performance abilities.

Playing Style

A beginner or intermediate player may not know enough about their own skating style to purchase an expensive pair of ice hockey skates. An experienced ice hockey player is more likely to try and find a skate that’s nuanced to their skating style, regardless of price.

Price Point

Hockey is an expensive sport, and sometimes price can be a decisive factor. There are several different price points when it comes to hockey skates, and finding the best skate for your budget is important.

Additional Hockey Resources

Finding the ideal skate is important, and it’s equally imperative to ensure your ice hockey skates fit properly and are comfortable.

How to Size Your Hockey Skates

It’s important to remember that most brands of ice hockey skates will be approximately one full size smaller than standard shoes sizes.

How to Check the Fit of Your Skate

With your foot in the boot of your hockey skate, your toes should just barely reach the end of the toecap, with no more than a quarter inch of space between your heel and the back end of the boot. There are a few methods to check this fit.

Method 1: The Pencil Test

The pencil test is quick and easy, with little room for error. Put on your skate without lacing it up, pull the tongue out and place a pencil across the third or fourth eyelet down. If the pencil rests on the top of your foot without moving, you know you have a good fit.

Method 2: The Squeeze Test

The squeeze test can help check the firmness of your skate. Simply hold the skate from behind the ankle and squeeze with your thumb and index finger. If the skate folds in on itself, it’s way too flexible for a quality skating experience. A little bit of flexibility is good for newer players, but experienced players and power skaters will want a fairly rigid ankle support.

Method 3: The Finger Test

The finger test can be done by first putting your skate on and lacing it properly. Then, lean forward and attempt to slide a finger between the back of the boot and your ankle. If you can slide more than one finger into the skate, your skates are too big. For adults who prefer a snug fit, having less than a one-finger gap may be ok.

Method 4: The Toe Brush Test

The toe brush test is done by putting on and lacing up your skates. Your toes should barely brush the toecap at the front end of the skate.

How to Break in Your Hockey Skates

You should know how to break in your hockey skates. Today, many skates can be thermoformed to your feet, which makes the breaking in process much quicker. This process is also known as skate baking. Check with your local pro shop for assistance, as they’ll have a skate oven designed for this purpose. Whether you purchase skates that can be baked or not, the best way to break-in ice hockey skates is just by using them.

Sharpening Your Skates

Sharpening your skates is necessary with repeated use of ice hockey skates. If you feel your feet slipping during turns or when you’re skating backwards, or if you notice performance issues while speeding up or slowing down, your skates probably need to be sharpened. Your local ice rink or hockey pro shop can perform this service.

Want more information on how to choose the right hockey skates? We put together a Hockey Skate Buying Guide with everything you need to know!


This article was originally published on April 5, 2021, and has been updated with new information.