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Roller Hockey is becoming increasingly popular throughout the country with more and more players joining the competitive scene. This article will cover a variety of different topics, including best roller hockey skates, anatomy of the skates, how to properly fit them, and so on. To see more roller skate options, check out our full selection of Roller Hockey Skates.

In this article, we’ll cover:

List of the Best Ice Roller Hockey Skates

1Mission Inhaler WM01 Roller Hockey SkatesMission Inhaler WM01 Roller Hockey SkatesBuy Now
2Bauer Vapor 3X Roller Hockey SkatesBauer Vapor 3X Roller Hockey SkatesBuy Now
3CCM Tacks 9090 Roller Hockey SkatesCCM Tacks 9090 Roller Hockey SkatesBuy Now
4Mission Inhaler WM02 Roller Hockey SkatesMission Inhaler WM02 Roller Hockey SkatesBuy Now
5Bauer Vapor 3X Pro Roller Hockey SkatesBauer Vapor 3X Pro Roller Hockey SkatesBuy Now
6Tour VOLT KV2 Roller Hockey SkatesTour VOLT KV2 Roller Hockey SkatesBuy Now
7Tour Code GX Roller Hockey SkatesTour Code GX Roller Hockey SkatesBuy Now
8Mission Inhaler WM03 Roller Hockey SkatesMission Inhaler WM03 Roller Hockey SkatesBuy Now
9Bauer RSX Roller Hockey SkatesBauer RSX Roller Hockey SkatesBuy Now
10True TF7 Roller Hockey SkatesTrue TF7 Roller Hockey SkatesBuy Now

Overview: The best overall roller skates for this season and beyond are the brand new Mission Inhaler WM01 Roller Hockey Skates. The WM01 Skates are packed with technology features, making them the most advanced roller skates currently on the market! 

Key Features:

  • The thermoformable Grip-Fit PRO liner with CT technology helps keep the foot in place while skating, improving stride efficiency. This liner is heat-moldable as well, which will provide players with an anatomical, close-to-the-foot fit. This process will help players remain comfortable and responsive during gameplay.
  • The boot sits atop a lightweight, full-carbon composite outsole that pairs up to a HI-LO Kryptonium chassis. This setup is very lightweight, durable, and responsive.
  • The 3D-lasted Curv composite quarter package offers unmatched weight reduction and protection, along with an even better and more responsive fit as well. It also features new quarter ventilation for increased airflow, for added comfort and breathability while skating in any situation.

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Overview: The Bauer Vapor 3X Roller Hockey Skates offer elite-level performance at a desirable price-point, slotting them in at number two on our list! 

Key Features:

  • The quarter package is built with Bauer’s 3D lasted Flex composite which excels at providing enhanced support when attacking or protecting the zone. This setup provides a familiar snug, close to the foot feel. The X-Rib pattern on the back of the skates helps lock the heel into place for quicker crossovers and tighter turns.
  • An upgraded 48oz. felt tongue with injected metatarsal guard provides players with improved forward flex meaning more range of motion during skating strides.   
  • The CNC HI-LO Aluminum chassis, is durable and lightweight, is paired with two 80mm Labeda Union wheels in the back and two 76mm wheels in the front, all sporting HI-LO ABEC 9 bearings. This setup provides players with unmatched speed and durability.

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Overview: The CCM Tacks 9090 Roller Hockey Skates are a great option for players of all skill levels who are looking for a well-rounded, high-performing pair of skates. 

Key Features:

  • Boot is constructed with CCM’s RocketFrame composite material with an updated 3D-lasted quarter package. This setup is lightweight and has an anatomical, close-to-the-foot fit, giving players a more controlled feel.
  • Interior of the boot features SpeedCore 3 technology. This design is not only lightweight but also incorporates pro-level stiffness and responsiveness. This build is also heat-moldable which allows players to generate more power with each stride.
  • Additionally, the internals also utilizes symmetrical multi-density memory foams to provide a more detailed custom-style fit. Paired with that, they feature the TotalDri liner that will help wick away moisture to keep the foot locked in place and dry throughout the game.

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Overview: The Mission Inhaler WM02 Roller Hockey Skates are part of Mission’s newest skate line and offer a few features that are found in the top-of-the-line model, making them a great option for players of all skill levels! 

Key Features:

  • Advanced boot design known as the Tru-Form PU Quarter Package has been optimized for superior support and power transfer during long skating sessions. 
  • The Grip-Fit interior liner helps keep the foot locked in place, allowing for maximum energy transfer during hard skating strides. This liner is also heat-moldable for an even more enhanced fit and feel. 
  • Three-piece form-fitting tongue providing superior flexibility, comfort, and protection.

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Overview: The Bauer Vapor 3X Pro Roller Hockey Skates are some of their most advanced skates to date. Bauer upgraded the Curv composite, Pro Stock tongue, and Labeda Millenium wheels for ultimate performance.  

Key Features:

  • The quarter package is built with Bauer’s Dynaflex system. Rather than going with a highly stiff boot, this design allows for a very slight amount of flex within the boot, allowing it to conform to the natural shape of your foot, which helps with overall performance and comfort. This new design is constructed out of Bauer’s 3-D lasted Carbon Curv Composite material with an X-Rib pattern on the back and Comfort Edge padding within the boot. This setup is incredibly lightweight and protective, while also remaining responsive and durable. 
  • A Pro Stock felt tongue gives you improved forward flex, giving you more range of motion during strides. The tongue also gives you pro level comfort and better protection to the top of the foot.
  • An integrated injected facing greatly improves lateral stability, locking your foot in place so it only moves when you want it to move, giving you more power and control with your strides.

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Overview: The new Tour VOLT KV2 Roller Hockey Skates are a great option for players who want solid all-around performance at an even better price-point. 

Key Features:

  • Sensor Fit Pro liner and Relay Memory foam work hand in hand to deliver unparalleled comfort and durability for an enhanced skating experience. The liner works to keep the foot locked into place to avoid any slippage, ensuring maximum efficiency in skating strides. Lastly, the liner will help wick moisture away from the feet, keeping players cool and dry throughout gameplay.
  • Quarter package is known as Tour’s Bionik Technology. This carbon-weave design keeps players well-protected and lightweight on their feet for maximum efficiency and power! The KV2 Skates are also heat-moldable, providing an even more responsive fit. 
  • Lightweight aluminum split-frame chassis holds two larger rear wheels and two smaller wheels in the front, that help players stay in a more game-ready position for quick acceleration during skating strides and crossovers.

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Overview: Brand new for this season comes the Tour Code GX Senior Roller Hockey Skates from Tour Hockey. This new entry is perfect for a new or recreational player looking for a great entry skate at a price point that won't break the bank.

Key Features:

  • The Vorrac quarter package is constructed of high-quality carbon composite helping harness power for explosive strides
  • Reinforced tongue features deluxe comfort padding for ultimate comfort and protection against stick wacks and falls onto the playing surface. 
  • The Vibram patches in the high-wear areas help provide an extra layer of durability, keeping your Code GX Skates looking newer for longer.

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Overview: The Mission Inhaler WM03 Roller Hockey Skates are part of the newest line of skates from Mission hockey and will feature their most up-to-date tech specs, making them a great all-around option for players of all skill level. 

Key Features:

  • The anatomical fit and toe cap will form to the natural shape of the foot providing great comfort, overall feel, and efficiency during hard skating strides.  The toecap also features strategically-placed vents to help keep players cool and comfortable.  
  • The reinforced true-form PU quarter package is lightweight, protective, and durable! The quarter package also features new quarter ventilation for increased airflow, enhancing comfort and airflow even further. This setup is also heat-moldable, meaning players can have the skate form to their exact foot shape to help eliminate negative space within the boot. 
  • The Hi-Lo aluminum chassis provides great balance, speed, and control for enhanced quickness and stopping power. These are also durable and lightweight.

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Overview: The Bauer RSX Roller Hockey Skates are another great all-around option for players who are still learning the game of roller hockey. 

Key Features:

  • The injected composite weaved quarter package provides players with a good protection without the additional weight. The tongue is a two-piece felt design with protective inserts, which features an anatomical fit, providing high end mobility.
  • The interior microfiber liner helps keep the players’ feet locked into place and will also help increase drying times for the skates while they are not in use.
  • Hi-Lo Ventilator steel chassis, with Hi-LO Court wheels and Hi-LO ABEC 5 bearings, provides players with great balance, control, and durability.

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Overview: The True TF7 Roller Hockey Skates are a culmination of thousands of foot scans and hundreds of hours of development to get as close to a custom skate fit as possible, in a stock skate. The True TF7 shell uses TRUESHELL tech, their proprietary fiberglass one-piece shell that creates the thermoformed boot and gives it that best-in-class fit. The TF7 insole integrates fit inserts to accommodate low, mid, and high arch feet.

Key Features:

  •  The True TF7 shell uses TRUESHELL tech, their proprietary fiberglass one-piece shell that creates the thermoformed boot and gives it that best-in-class fit.  
  • Blackwick liner throughout the inside of the boot; this antimicrobial, moisture wicking liner helps to keep your feet dry while simultaneously providing enhanced comfort.  
  •  The TF7 insole integrates fit inserts to accommodate low, mid, and high arch feet; placement of the fit inserts are marked on the insole for easy positioning to ensure proper fit regardless of your arch type..
  • Revision aluminum Hockey chassis caters to a standard off set wheel set up of 2 80mm wheels in the rear with 2 76mm wheels in the front; this will help put you in a more natural skating position and help with turns and agility.

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The Different Parts of Roller Hockey Skates

Roller Hockey Skates, sometimes referred to as Inline Hockey Skates, consist of three main components; the hockey skate boot or quarter package, holders or runners, and the wheels. All parts serve a different purpose and depending on your playstyle, you may opt for a pair that best fits your needs.

  • Hockey Skate Boot: The hockey skate boot is the primary part of the skate. It is the part that you insert your foot into, and is the part that the holder attaches to. This component is usually single or dual-layered to provide protection and stiffness.   
  • Holders and Runners: The holders are usually constructed out of lightweight and durable aluminum. They attach to the bottom of the skate boot and are the component responsible for holding the wheels.
  • Wheels: The wheels are arguably the most important component of roller hockey skates. They come in a variety of different sizes, durability levels, and grip levels. Choosing the perfect pair comes down to your specific skating style, surface type, and skill level.

Hockey Skate Interior 

The interior of roller hockey skates serves the purpose of keeping a player comfortable throughout gameplay. Typically, the interiors of roller hockey skates consist of a variety of different parts. Each component will have varying levels of importance based on each player’s specific skill level and amount of playing time.

  • Liner: Inner liner helps keep the foot locked into place during skating. Also helps dry skates out after gameplay. 
  • Heel Support: Anatomical heel support helps hug the heel so it is not moving around too much during hard skating strides.
  • Footbed: Footbed adds a layer of comfort by forming to the exact shape of your foot after heat-molding skates. 
  • Ankle Padding: Anatomical ankle padding forms to your ankle shape and helps eliminate any negative space within the boot for maximum efficiency during skating. Also adds another layer of added protection to the sensitive ankle areas.  
  • Tongue: The tongue of the skates also adds protection to the ankle areas of the skaters. Some tongues have more flex or protection than others, which varies depending on preference. 
  • Quarter Package: The quarter package or boot is the main build of the skates. This piece is typically made of weaved layers of materials and will add extra protection and durability.
  • Outsole: The outsole is the piece on the bottom of the quarter package/boot that holds the holder and wheels. This piece can sometimes be vented for added airflow.

What to Consider When Buying Roller Hockey Skates

There are many considerations to make when selecting a new pair of roller hockey skates. The most important aspects to determine are how often you play, which will help you figure out what durability level you need. Also, your skill level. If you are a high-end player in a competitive league, you may want to opt for a pair that you know will be able to withstand the speed and physicality of the game. 

Hockey Skill Level:

As mentioned, hockey skill level will be a determining factor when choosing what pair to go with. If you are an elite-level player, the game at that level is quicker, more physical, and harder on your skates. That said, you may want to opt for a pair that can keep up.  If you are a recreational-level player, your biggest characteristic in a skate may be comfort to help you skate for a longer period of time to help you get comfortable with the game. 

Playing Style:

More experienced and higher level players will be more comfortable with elite level skates. This is due to the stiffer boot and better protection that they provide. If you get lower quality boots, they might flex too much and not hold up with an aggressive playing and skating style. Beginner players will be more comfortable with a more flexible skate because it helps them learn how to skate. If you don’t have enough flex, it’s hard to develop a good stride and proper technique.

Frame Type:

Roller Hockey Skates frames are constructed of one of these three materials; aluminum, titanium, or composite. Aluminum frames are the most popular because they offer good performance, are lightweight, and are relatively inexpensive. Titanium and composite materials may offer better overall performance in terms of weight and durability, but are a little bit harder to find and more expensive! 

Liner Material:

All modern roller hockey skates will come with a microfiber inner liner. This liner will help to wick moisture away from the foot during gameplay to enhance comfort. Additionally, it helps to dry ou the skates faster while not in use. Higher-quality roller skates will feature liners that have microbial qualities that help eliminate odors.  

Wheel Size and Hardness:

To determine the specs of the wheels you will want to go with, determine what playing surface you will mostly be playing on and how often you will be playing. Most wheel sizes are between 76mm and 80mm and can be determined by what grip levels you want for that specific playing surface. Wheel hardness will impact your speed and durability. A wheel that is harder may increase your speed but have less durability, and vice versa. 

Skate Bearings for Speed: 

Most roller hockey skates come with either Swiss bearings or ABEC bearings. Both are great options in terms of quality, durability, and speed. Having high-quality bearings like the two mentioned above are important to increase overall performance. 

Skate Length and Width: 

The general rule of thumb when determining roller skate size is to go down one or one and a half sizes from your shoe size. Skates are supposed to fit a little bit tighter than regular shoes. For the best experience, head to your local MonkeySports store so you can test fit the skates to find your perfect size and fit!  

Price Point: 

Generally speaking, roller hockey skates with a higher price tag will be better overall skates and feature more technology. However, that doesn’t mean they are the best option for everyone.

Players who are just learning how to skate may not prefer such a stiff and lightweight boot found in the highest-priced options. If you are an elite-level player who can benefit from the specs that these skates offer, then that route will be the best option for you.

Roller Hockey Skate Sizing

Having the properly fitting skates is one of the most important aspects of the game and can either hinder or improve your performance. If you have skates that are too big, you can injure your ankles and have trouble generating power during skating strides. Skates that are too small will cause pain due to the boots hugging your feet too tightly. For more in-depth information, please visit our hockey skate sizing guide.

 Hockey Skate Sizing Chart

Methods to Fit Your Hockey Skates Correctly

There are a few ways to determine the ideal size and fit for your new pair of roller hockey skates. Listed below are quick examples of these methods, however, more in-depth can be found on our "Learn How to Fit Hockey Skates Correctly" article! 

  • Method 1: Simply go 1.5 sizes down from your shoe size (senior). Youth and junior, go one size down from your shoe size.  
  • Method 2: Put your approximate skate size on and move your foot all the way forward in the boot so your big toe is just touching the inner front of the toe-cap. From there, get a pen and vertically slide it down the back of your heel, between your heel and the back of the skate. If the pen fits snugly but not too tightly, then the skates are a good fit. If the pen moves around too much, then go down half a size. 
  • Method 3: Another method is to stand on a piece of paper, on a flat surface, and trace around your foot. From there, get a tape measure and measure in centimeters from the top of your big toe to your heel. Our sizing charts on our website will then give you the estimated size you will want to go with based on your CM measurement.

Best Roller Hockey Skates by Category

Mission Inhaler WM01 Roller Hockey Skates: The best overall and most advanced roller hockey skates are the Mission Inhaler WM01 roller hockey skates. The WM01 roller hockey skates offer innovations that have yet to be seen in the roller hockey scene, including the 3D-Curv composite quarter package, making them one of the lightest pairs of skates on the market. No expense was spared in their creation making them the best overall roller hockey skates on the market.

Best Budget Roller Hockey Skates (under $100)

Tour Code GX Roller Hockey Skates: The Tour Code GX roller hockey skates are a great option for recreational-level players, or players who are still new to the game, who want good all-around performance at an unbeatable price point.  The Vorrac quarter package provides good protection and just the right amount of stiffness that won’t hinder players’ comfort.  

Best Bauer Roller Skates

Bauer Vapor X3.5 Roller Hockey Skates: The Bauer Vapor X3.5 roller hockey skates get our vote as the best Bauer roller hockey skates! The X3.5’s offer upgrades from their predecessor, like Bauer’s 3D lasted Flex composite quarter package and the X-Rib pattern on the back of the skates that helps lock the heel into place for quicker crossovers and tighter turns

Best CCM Roller Skates Pads

CCM Tacks 9090 Roller Hockey Skates: The best CCM roller hockey skates go to the CCM Tacks 9090 roller hockey skates. These skates are CCM’s most advanced on the market right now, thanks to their RocketFrame boot with a 3D-lasted quarter package. Not only do these skates provide great all-around performance, they are also very durable as well, making them a great option for players who skate at a competitive level multiple times a week! 

Best High Performance Roller Hockey Skates

Bauer Vapor 3X Pro Roller Hockey Skates:  The Bauer Vapor 3X Pro roller hockey skates took the high-end technology found in the ice hockey skates and added them to their roller hockey skates! The 3X Pros provide ultimate performance, confort, and durability for the most advanced-level skaters, thanks to the 3D-Curv composite boot, Pro Stock felt tongue, and the Hi-Lo chassis plus Hi-Lo Swiss bearings! 

Best Wide Feet Roller Hockey Skates 

Mission Inhaler WM03 Roller Hockey Skates: The Mission Inhaler WM03 roller hockey skates are part of Mission newest line and feature their latest technology additions, making them a great option for players who are looking for good performance without breaking the bank.  These are also a great option for players who are looking for a wider boot for a more accommodating fit. 

Best Beginner Roller Hockey Skates 

Bauer RSX Roller Hockey Skates: The Bauer RSX roller hockey skates are the best and most popular beginner roller hockey skates for good reason. They offer excellent durability thanks to the HI-LO Ventilator Steel Chassis paired HI-LO wheels. This setup is great for new skaters and helps improve skating strides thanks to the two larger rear wheels.  For the price, the RSX roller hockey skates are the best beginner roller hockey skates on the market! 

Best Youth Roller Hockey Skates Pads

Alkali Revel Adjustable Roller Hockey Skates: The Alkali Revel Adjustable roller hockey skates are a great option for younger players who are still learning the game. They utilize inner ankle pads to help keep ankles comfortably locked into place to help keep younger players stable on their feet.  Also, as the name states, the Revel roller hockey skates feature a forwards-backwards adjustable toe cap allowing for the perfect fit! 

Best Junior Roller Hockey Skates Pads

Bauer RS Roller Hockey Skates: Another great option for aspiring roller hockey players are the Bauer RS roller hockey skates. The RS roller hockey skates excel in durability thanks to the addition of the HI-LO Ventilator Steel Chassis with HI-LO street wheels. While the street wheels may not have the responsiveness of other options, they are one of the better options for players who skate on a variety of different playing surfaces.  

Best Senior Roller Hockey Skates

Mission Inhaler WM02 Roller Hockey Skates: Our choice for the best senior skates go to the brand new Mission Inhaler WM02 roller hockey skates. The WM02’s offer high-end technology that intermediate to advanced-level players can utilize to their advantage. Built for speed, Mission incorporated staggered Labeda Millennium Wheels (80 mm rear, 76 mm front) which feature injection-molded cores and a soft compression ring, enhancing straight line speed and quickness during crossovers.

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There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing skates. If you have any additional questions, reach out to our HockeyMonkey team through our online customer service or at your local MonkeySports store. If you’re ready to purchase, check out our full selection of roller hockey skates.


This article was originally published on July 29, 2021, and has been updated with new information.