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What is a composite hockey stick?

A composite hockey stick is the preferred choice for almost all hockey players around the world! Composite sticks are constructed out of carbon fiber layers and lightweight resin, providing an excellent combination of weight-saving and durability. While the top-end composite sticks from the major ice hockey brands tend to be the most expensive, they feature the best specs and tend to last the longest.

How long does a composite hockey stick last?

How long a composite hockey stick lasts is based on a few factors. First, the level of play is the most significant factor. If you play in a top-level youth (AAA) or Junior league (USHL), composite hockey sticks will not last nearly as long as someone who is using one in a recreational league due to the more physical nature of the top-level leagues.  Also, all major hockey stick brands feature different levels of sticks, top-end to low-end. Generally, the top-end sticks will last longer thanks to improved internal materials.

What is the difference between wood and composite hockey sticks?

The biggest difference between a wood hockey stick and a composite hockey stick is weight. Composite hockey sticks are significantly lighter than wood sticks. While lighter, composite hockey sticks are more durable than wood sticks as well. Lastly, composite hockey sticks come in various different flex and blade pattern choices, unlike wood sticks. The upside to wood sticks is that they are much less expensive than composite sticks. Check out our entire inventory of composite hockey sticks here!

Do NHL players use composite hockey sticks?

Yes, all players in the NHL use composite hockey sticks. Players choose them for their weight savings (over wood sticks), ability to get custom specifications (like specific flex, blade pattern, etc.), and overall ability to get them. All major stick brands like CCM, Bauer, True, and Warrior have composite hockey sticks ready to go!

What composite hockey sticks do NHL players use?

The four most popular hockey stick brands in the NHL are Bauer, CCM, True, and Warrior. CCM currently has the largest percentage of players using their sticks, closely followed by Bauer.

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