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CCM Pro Stock RBZ Sr. Composite Hockey Stick

CCM RBZ Pro Stock Hockey Stick

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CCM Pro Stock RBZ Sr. Composite Hockey Stick

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Player Profile:

  • Insane velocity with innovations that provide faster swing speed, a custom kick point and a blade with a hot face

Kick Point / Flex Profile:

  • Custom Kick Point

Shaft Construction:

  • Aerial Grade Carbon
  • Fuse construction - traditional tenon and hosel joint

Shaft Geometry:

  • "T" - traditional or square corners
  • Due to the nature of pro stock sticks, sticks may have minor cosmetic blemishes
  • Shaft texture may vary, grip or clear finish
  • No warranty

Product Questions

What retail blade pattern is the Roche 95 flex similar to? Does something similar to the Michalek or harper pattern come in between the 90 and 100 flex. It is hard to tell by the drawings.
I need a H15 curve in the Left 105 flex. Is the Alberts curve close to this?
I am looking for an 85 flex RH stick, could you explain the Konency, Hartman and Povoronzink curves? I don't know which one to order.
what is the length
What does the 'Patrick' curve look like?

Customer Reviews

Good stick, I picked a bad blade

First off, when I ordered this the only option available for me was the Tangradi curve. Which isn't so bad, but I haven't used a square toe ever and it's just not what I would have wanted.

everything else though has been a pleasant surprise. the stick is very well balanced and feels good. it's light, but still feels solid.

I've only used it for one game though, so too early to tell about durability etc. I definitely did not notice any improvement in slapshots, i'm thinking the 'rbz' stuff is mostly marketing. even still, i'd recommend the stick if you can get it in your preferred flex and curve.

other sticks I've used include, several generations of Easton ST's, stealth(08 model I think), s19, mako, and some warrior pro stocks(painted as widow, but I think they were dolomites)

I played elite level competitive hockey as a kid(as a goalie), but now it's just rec adult hockey, so my sticks take a lot of abuse from all the 'stick work' that happens in those types of leagues.

Review by Scottra (Posted on 7/24/2016)
Great stick, 4.5/5 Rating.

I give this stick a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The Good:
- Feels great while shooting
- Is fairly light
- Snap shots and Slap shots both are easy to perform

The Bad:
- Average puck feel
- Slightly blade heavy

The stick is great, it really is. I love shooting with it and the way it feels. My only gripe with it is in it's performance when stick handling / receiving a pass. The hollow blade (as opposed to blades with foam) gives an acceptable but not great feel for the puck. The weight balance of the stick is more of a preference thing so I won't talk on it.

All in all, I personally really enjoy the stick and if I could pick up another (clutterbuck2 in a 75 flex), I would!

Review by Kumar (Posted on 7/24/2016)
shooters twig

Probably the hardest shooting stick ever but lacks puck feel, stick handling suffers with this blade, love the flex profile, this would be the ultimate twig with a total one or nexus blade, got an 80 flex backstrom clone and sniping was easy also really like the sandpaper textured grip on the shaft

Review by gunit (Posted on 7/24/2016)
still loving it

couldn't figure out how to edit my previous review, but I bought another one so figured it'd be ok to write a new one...

first an update on the first I bought(see review below), I broke it the day after I ordered a back up :(
I can't blame the durability this time though, I went into the boards awkward with my blade and jammed it, cracked the blade at the heel. Aside from Easton st, I've been on a bad streak of snapping twigs lately, so while im never happy to break one, I'm at least happy that his one broke for good reason. I had a few sticks last year snap in two pieces while just shooting, so I'd have to say the durability on these is above average for a top performing stick. not ST level, but it's a way nicer stick than an Easton ST.

before that, this became my favourite stick. I play defense and kind of rely on a big slapper from the point for my goals. this stick handled that very well. but I also liked the balanced feel, and was able to both intercept and make passes confidently as well.

last stick I had the tangradi curve which I actually learned to like for everything other than stick handling, but I tried a new one this time. got the tanguay curve this time in hopes of bringing back the fun of toe drags, haha.

like the previous stick, I'm very happy with the feel. it's light, balanced, yet feels solid. it's not the lightest blade, but it's easy to feel the puck, and imo, just heavy enough to feel strong through contact(some super light blades feel like the puck hits them, instead of the blade hitting the puck).

I just wish there was a better resource for blade patterns. it's tough searching for blade patterns, and it's pretty important to know what you're getting before you order. I can't help but feel that 'perfect' blade is sitting there and i'll never get it because I can't find a picture of it before I order

Review by Scottra (Posted on 7/24/2016)
wish there was an edit option

wish I could just edit my old reviews, nothing really new to comment on, other than I haven't jammed my stick into the boards again, so it lasted me until the end of the season with no problems.
I would say the durability on these sticks is definitely above average for their performance. more durable than everything I've tried except the Easton ST's, but it's a much nicer stick imo.

anyway, after having issues selecting a curve, and getting no help through customer service, I decided to take some pics of the curves I've tried so far. mostly because, even though I found the 'same' curve online, they aren't always identical to this model. for example, the lecavalier curve I was expecting to be much straighter, I actually was avoiding it because I thought it was going to be too straight, and yet what I received is actually a bit extreme. anyway, I've included pics of 4 curves: Tangradi(broken), Tanguay(used), Lecavalier(new), and Lashoff(new). for what it's worth, the Lashoff stick is also about 3inches longer than the rest.

Review by Scottra (Posted on 7/24/2016)

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