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Easton Mako Int. Composite Hockey Stick

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Limited Return Policy: This item can be returned for store credit within 14 Days of delivery. For more information, please click here.

Named after the fastest shark species, the Mako series of sticks from Easton is all about having quick hands. Such a big part of the game involves tight spots, which requires quick hands and speed to get the shot off. Easton has designed their Mako line of sticks to be lightweight and balanced in such a way that hand speed is optimized. In addition to being so well-balanced, the Mid-taper kick point provides a great combination of power and accuracy. Easton's insight studies with goaltenders is what led them to the predominantly white look of the series, because some of the goalies claimed that the white stick blended in with the ice and boards making it more difficult to see the release of the puck from the shooter.

Easton uses a proprietary textured woven Kevlar« wrap on the outermost layer of the shaft, the properties of which give you two benefits: improved feel by dampening vibrations and improved durability from impacts such as slashes and shots. In addition to the Kevlar« wrap the MAKO shaft is made of graphite and its geometry has square corners with slightly concave walls. This type of shaft is very popular among Easton's pro players, and it allows you to get a nice secure grip of your stick. The MAKO is available in either a nice matte finish or with the Grip finish. It has a very consistent taper that is nice and thin, which creates that mid-taper kick point providing you with a great combination of power and accuracy.

Easton uses a multi-rib construction through its micro-bladder process in the blade. Basically, this means that there are 2 structural ribs that run the length of the blade with a combination of a bladder and foams between the ribs. This provides a great feel to the stick and in conjunction with the 3K carbon wrap provides a nice amount of stiffness and torsional rigidity to the blade. You will also notice the non-skid coating on the blade, which feels a little bit like a coarse grit sandpaper. If you only tape a portion of the blade, you'll still get some grip on the puck and if you are someone who tapes your stick very often the tape comes off much easier that it would from a smooth gloss surface.

If it's quick hands, power and accuracy that you are looking for in a stick, check out the MAKO from Easton.

Player Profile Such a big part of the game involves tight spots, which requires quick hands and speed to get the shot off. The weight/balance of Mako is designed for quick hands.
Kick Point / Flex Profile Low kick point
Shaft Construction Textured proprietary woven Kevlar« and Graphite wrap
Shaft Geometry "Pro-style" shape - Square corners and slightly concave walls
Shaft Coating Non-Grip
Shaft Taper Thin, consistent
Blade Core Multi-rib construction using Micro-bladder process with 80% foam and 20% bladder
Blade Wrap 3K woven carbon
Blade Coating Matte finish with Non-skid texture
Stick Used for Measurement P3 (Hall) 65 non-grip
*Average Weight (gm) 407
*Average Weight (oz) 14.36
Actual length (in) 58.5

*Stick weights and lengths are determined using like flexes and patterns from each brand (mid curve, round toe, open face).
There can be variances in stick weights within the same model, so we have listed the average from weighing 6 sticks.
Length is measured from top of shaft where the front shaft plane meets the heel.

Easton's high performance, one-piece composite hockey sticks and shafts are covered by a 30-day, limited warranty against manufacturer defect only.This is a one-time replacement. The warranty covers damage/premature breakage caused by a manufacturing defect only, and is extended with the understanding that hockey is a contact sport which causes stick breakage. Replacement Blades are not covered under this warranty. Easton Sports will replace any defective high performance hockey stick/shaft for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase, under the conditions listed below:

  • The stick is accompanied by the original receipt (proof of purchase) WITH MATCHING UPC STICKER AND THE WARRANTY FORM.
  • The stick broke during normal use as a result of a manufacturing defect and EXCLUDES abuse.
  • The shaft was used with the correct size blade.
  • The one-piece stick was not exposed to an open flame or any heat source.
  • The stick was not a factory second, blem, or purchased used.
  • Product was purchased from an authorized Easton dealer (warranty does not apply to third-party auction sites such as eBay).

Warranty coverage will be determined exclusively by Easton Sports. Professional, Collegiate, and CHL teams are excluded from this warranty.

Please see http://eastonhockey.com/support/warranty/hockey-us-warranty/ for complete warranty criteria.

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