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Customizing Ice Hockey Sticks

When you first purchase your ice hockey sticks, they might not be exactly the length you want and they may not have the feel you are looking for. Just like a good pair of skates or gloves, you have to break your ice hockey sticks in, and you have to customize them until you feel that you can play comfortably.

Your ice hockey sticks should come to about your nose when you are wearing sneakers. When you are in your skates, they should come up to about your chin. You will want to saw your ice hockey sticks off so that they are the proper length for you. Because not all players are the same height, you will probably need to adjust your sticks to get them where you can comfortably play with them. A fine-toothed hacksaw should do the job for you.

Once you have your ice hockey sticks the right length for you, then you will want to lightly sand away any splinters. After that, you will want to ensure that the curve is the way you want it. A larger curve will help you get good movement, but this might affect your accuracy. The curve of your customized ice hockey sticks are a matter of personal opinion.

Finally, you can adjust the curve of the blades of the ice hockey sticks, you will want to warm the blade from a distance with blowtorch and then gently bend it. Be careful here, because there are rules that define how much your blades can curve.

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