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Learn About Wooden Hockey Sticks

Wooden hockey sticks are an economical hockey stick designed for casual play or for exclusive use in street and roller hockey. Wood hockey sticks pre-date modern composite models by decades. In fact, they’ve been used since the inception of the game. A wooden hockey stick is heavier than lightweight composites, but due to their wood construction and fiberglass reinforcement, they can be very durable and stand up to the action on many different playing surfaces. Due to their one-piece wood construction, wooden ice hockey sticks offer little in the way of flexibility rating options, so they won’t lose flexibility once they’re cut to fit to a player's specific height. They can also be customized with different blade face options.

Defensemen can find flatter faces for slap shot control, while forwards can find the perfect curve for aggressive stickhandling and quick wrist shots. Many hockey leagues allow the use of wood sticks, however, some more advanced adult leagues and youth leagues may prohibit their use. CCM, Monkeysports, Winnwell, Franklin, Sher-Wood and Alkali make wood hockey sticks in senior, junior and youth hockey sizes.

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