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Reebok 25K RibCor Grip Int. Composite Hockey Stick

Item # reebok-hk-K101IN-HSRC25
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Limited Return Policy: This item can be returned for store credit within 14 Days of delivery. For more information, please click here.

If you're looking to experience the same type of power transferring technology that is found in Reebok's RIBCOR stick at a fraction of the price, then the RIBCOR 25K might be the stick for you.

The RIBCOR series of sticks from Reebok is all about having a stick that is easier to load and more efficient at generating power for your shot. The quick release of the stick comes from the low-mid kick point, while still providing excellent control and accuracy from the stiffness of the SSX blade. The RIBCOR 25K is among the lightest sticks in its class and is very well-balanced with a nice clean graphic look that draws on the same look as the higher end RIBCOR.

Reebok uses a combination of fiberglass and high modulus carbon fiber for this stick. The orientation of the carbon fibers creates the High Power Taper Ratio, which means that it has a stiffer top and bottom in relation to the front and back of the shaft. The intermediate shaft uses a Contoured geometry with rounded corners for a better fit in smaller hands. The RIBCOR 25K has textured zones throughout the shaft for improved handling and is only available with a full Griptonite finish.

What sets this stick apart? The carbon fibers are permanently in tension because of the unique visible RIB geometry through the taper of the RIBCOR 25K stick. Basically, this means that less effort is required to get the fibers to tense and load because they are already part way there.

Just like the RIBCOR, the RIBCOR 25K also features the SSX blade design. This simply means that the blade goes from stiff in the heel to extra stiff at the toe. The blade also features what Reebok likes to refer to as their Tri Matrix construction. The 45° fiber orientation stores and releases energy, while the 0° and 90° fiber orientation adds strength and stability, all designed to improve performance and accuracy.

Get ready to get your mind blown! The RIBCOR 25K from Reebok offers power transfer technology at a real value - check one out today.

Player Profile Designed for the elite player with technology that helps increase power transfer from the hands directly to the puck.
Kick Point / Flex Profile Low-Mid kick point
Shaft Construction Fiberglass-reinforced High Modulus Carbon Fiber with High Power Taper Ratio - orientation of which creates a stiffer top and bottom in comparison to front and back of the shaft, permanently in tension for easier loading
Shaft Geometry "C" = contoured or rounded corners
Shaft Coating Full Griptonite™ with Textured Zones
Shaft Taper RIB construction for easier power transfer, fibers in tension for easier loading
Blade Core SSX Blade Design - is stiff at the heel and gets extra stiff at the toe. Internally, contains Lightweight Structural Foam
Blade Wrap Fiberglass-reinforced High Modulus Carbon Fiber with Tri Matrix Construction - orientation of which either stores and releases energy (45° ) or adds strength and stability (0° and 90° )
Blade Coating Matte finish
Stick Used for Measurement P87A (Crosby) 65 grip
*Average Weight (gm) 421
*Average Weight (oz) 14.85
Actual length (in) 58.5

*Stick weights and lengths are determined using like flexes and patterns from each brand (mid curve, round toe, open face).
There can be variances in stick weights within the same model, so we have listed the average from weighing 6 sticks.
Length is measured from top of shaft where the front shaft plane meets the heel.

Reebok-CCM Hockey ("Reebok-CCM") seeks to produce sticks of the highest quality, performance and durability and achieve the lowest return rate in the industry. As such, Reebok-CCM composite one piece player and goalie sticks and shafts are covered by a manufacturer's limited warranty against manufacturing defects for 30 days from date of purchase by consumer.

This limited warranty applies to one piece composite hockey player and goalie sticks and shafts that meet the specific Warranty Replacement Conditions detailed below, and is provided only to the original purchaser. This warranty is a one-time replacement, and does not cover sticks or shafts that were previously provided as a warranty replacement. Should the defective stick be a discontinued product, or otherwise not available at the time of the warranty request, Reebok-CCM reserves the right to substitute the replacement product with a comparable model.

This warranty does not apply to composite or wood stick blades, wood player or goalie sticks or Professional, Junior and College team sales.

All warranty returns are accompanied by a Return Authorization (RA) number from Reebok-CCM. All warranty returns must be received by Reebok-CCM within 14 days of issuance of the Reebok-CCM RA number. The request for replacement of the stick or shaft is made within 30 days of purchase of the stick or shaft by the consumer, as evidenced by an original receipt.

The consumer ships the full stick to Reebok-CCM and provides the original receipt for that stick or shaft from an authorized Reebok-CCM retailer. The receipt must include the authentic stick or shaft serial number sticker affixed to the receipt, and the serial number must match the serial number of the stick or shaft being returned. You may make a clean cut on the stick, away from the break, for shipping.

The breakage is determined to be the result of a manufacturing defect, and determined by Reebok-CCM to not be the result of abuse or any of the following actions:

  • Contact with another player, skate blade, goal post or rink boards
  • The stick is exposed to any type of open flame or heat source which modifies its original shape
  • The blade or paddle is tampered with a rasp, file or sandpaper

If you feel that your stick fits this criteria, please proceed to http://ops-return.reebokccm.com/ops_rtnf.php

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