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Skate Blades & Holders

TUUK Holders and Runners

The Bauer TUUK is the preferred runner and holder of over 80% of the players in the NHL. Bauer makes up about 30% of the NHL population. All other players in that 80% have removed the factory mounted holders and runners and switched them over to the Bauer TUUK.

What makes the TUUK so popular? There are a few reasons, the first being AGILITY. The Bauer TUUK utilizes a nine-foot rocker where most companies use eleven-foot rockers. The rocker describes the radius that would be achieved if the skate blade's heel to toe curve continued to form a circle. Goalie skates generally use a thirty-foot rocker. Shorter rockers allow for quicker turns on the ice, allowing a slight increase in acceleration. The nine-foot does allow for quicker turning and acceleration.

DURABILITY. The Bauer TUUK is built like a tank. Bauer credits this sturdiness to a material called ZYTEL. In simpler terms, nylon reinforced ABS is what makes them strong. Tuuks combination of stiffness and flexibility makes them tough enough to take most impacts.

There are three basic models of the TUUK holder. Custom, Custom Plus and the Lightspeed. The newest model is the Lightspeed, a lighter weight version of the TUUK. It comes with the choice of perforated or the solid stainless steel runners. Another change to the Lightspeed is the new single screw method to attach the blade to the holder.

The Custom is a one-piece design with Carbon Steel runners permanently attached to it. The Custom Plus is the most commonly used of the TUUK models. In appearance it is identical to the Custom, with the exception of the '+' printed on it, this holder has a replaceable stainless steel blade. The steel and the holder can be replaced individually, saving money on repairs. Also the stainless blade will hold an edge longer and require less frequent sharpening.

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