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Hockey Skate Socks

Skate Socks

Skate Socks are thin socks worn over the foot inside the skate and made specifically for skating. Skate socks differ from athletic socks in thickness, construction, durability and moisture management. Skate socks are generally thinner than athletic socks providing a tighter fit with the skate boot when sized correctly. Skate socks are made of advanced materials like COOLMAX or Bamboo fabric, where most athletic socks are made of a predominantly cotton blend. Skate socks are also designed specifically for the rigors of hockey skating, where athletic socks are multi-purpose. Hockey Skate Socks also outperform athletic socks in moisture management due to the materials and fabric treatments that are used. When athletic socks are used for skating, their inability to manage moisture effectively causes slippage during the skating stride resulting in lost power transfer. Hockey Monkey wants you to maximize every stride and we have the largest selection of skate socks on the internet by Elite, Warrior, Shock Doctor, Tour and Bauer.

Elite Hockey has an excellent assortment of Hockey Skate Socks which feature different types of fabrics to improve moisture management, insulation and comfort. The COOLMAX Hockey Skate Socks are made of a special polyester fabric which wicks moisture away from the skin while maintaining exceptional breath ability. Elite Ultra Bamboo Hockey Skate Socks also do an superb job of wicking moisture away, but excel at keeping you warm in cool conditions and cool in warm conditions. Bamboo fabrics also minimize the risk of chafing.

Cut Proof and Cut Resistant hockey skate socks are also very popular due to their ability to minimize or prevent damage caused by the skates of other players. These hockey skate socks are constructed with high strength fibers that are harder to cut, which reduces the risk of injury. These socks do a better job of preventing skate blade injuries to the Achilles tendons because they cover the foot, heel and calf as opposed to just the calf.

Visit for all your hockey needs and check often for In-store coupons new arrivals, and clearance specials. HockeyMonkey also has a full assortment of athletic socks for your off ice training needs.