Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet

  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet

  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet

Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet

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Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet

  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet

  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet

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Use your head, don't lose your head - or your personal sense of style for that matter. Introducing the Bauer 9900 Helmet. The first Bauer Helmet designed with PORON XRD technology, it's built to absorb maximum impact without adding stiff, constricting bulk. A full 10% lighter than 9500, the new Bauer 9900 offers a deep, snug, and very comfortable fit right out of the box - with zero sacrifice in protection. The Bauer 9900 is the most advanced helmet we have ever created and as the leader in the industry, we are excited to bring the next level of comfort and protection to today's hockey player," said Craig Desjardins of Bauer. "The Bauer 9900 helmet was specifically designed for hockey players to help protect them from impacts typically experienced during practices or games."

  • FXPP Liner - Located in key impact zones, the Fused Expanded Polypropylene foam liner helps dissipate 20% less energy during impact than the same volume of traditional EPP Foam.
  • Biomechanical Shell - Dual-density HDPE shell combines both protective and flexible material, allowing the helmet to self-adjust to the vast head shapes in the game and provide a better, more personalized fit.
  • Poron XRD Technology - Exclusive to Bauer, Poron XRD Extreme Impact Protection is a super light, pliable material with the ability to dissipate more than 90% of force on impact. Placed strategically in the helmet, Poron XRD offers breathable and flexible protection while consistently managing impact where your head needs it most.
  • Ergo Translucent Ear Covers
  • Occipital Lock
  • Slow Memory comfort foam
  • Ventilation ports
  • Microban Antibacterial protection
  • Tool Free Adjustment
  • CSA, HECC & CE Certified
  • Player Profile For the Elite player whose main focus is head safety, the 9900 provides protection from both low-energy impacts to high-energy collisions
    Shell Biomechanical shell - Two-piece HDPE (High-density polyethylene) with flexible density zones for personalized fit
    Liner FXPP (Fused Expanded Polypropylene) Foam plus PORON® XRD™ inserts
    Comfort Padding Slow Memory Comfort Foam with Molded Memory Foam Temple Pads and Microban® Antibacterial Protection
    Size Adjustability Tool-Free (Side Placement) plus Dual-slide Occipital Lock
    Ear Pieces Ergo Translucent Covers with Low Density Foam Strip
    J-Clip Attachment Traditional Dual Screw
    Certification CSA, HECC, CE
    Weight (gm) 567
    Weight (oz) 20.00
    Actual width (in) 8.39
    Actual width (cm) 21.31

    Helmet Weights and Widths are determined using a size medium non-combo helmet.
    Widths are determined through a front mirror test measuring from widest point to widest point

    Bauer 9900 Helmet Sizing Chart
    Size Hat Size Circumference (in.) Circumference (cm.)
    Small 6 1/2 - 7 20.4" - 22.5" 52 - 57
    Medium 6 7/8 - 7 3/8 22.2" - 23.6" 56 - 60
    Large 7 1/4 - 7 3/8 23.2" - 24.8" 59 - 63
    X - Large 7 1/2 - 7 7/8 23.6" - 25.2" 60 - 64

    Please Note: This sizing chart is for reference only and may not reflect personal preference.

    Bauer 9900 Hockey Helmet

    Product Questions

    I can't seem to get the Bauer 9900 Helmet in any size other than small. Are you completely out of all other sizes in this helmet?

    Customer Reviews

    Right lid for the job

    Fits very well. The adjustments help snug it up perfectly. Sits just right on the head. Great new protection technology added.

    Review by Gunner525 (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Great Helmet!

    The helmet doesn't fit as well when you add a half shield to it.

    Review by Dewey (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Bauer 9900

    This is an amazing helmet!!!! I have an M11 and i like this one 10 times more! I think people who play at a high level should buy this helmet because when you get hit hard your helmet doesent adjust like the M11 did and its pretty light. If your wonering how it fits, it fits great it has adjustable plastic pieces at the back and flip out ones on the side. If you wonder what helmet to buy I would defenitly reccomend this one!

    Review by Top Shedds (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Great helmt

    Great helmet, saved me from a cuncussion even doctors said. overall looks good and protects.

    Review by bob the builder (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Best Helmet out

    I love the helmet and i highly recomend it.

    Review by Timbo Hockey (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Pads fall out

    Comfortable and light with a great fit (doesn't slide around); however, I have only had it for 6 months or so and the pads are already falling out. I would say the front pad began falling out 2-3 months into owning the helmet. Now the pads in the top/middle part of the helmet are falling out as well.

    Review by BsFanInDC (Posted on 7/24/2016)

    Simply AMAZING, I recommend this to anyone, from pro athlete to beginner. This helmet is so comfy and light. The only con that I can think of is that it gave me headache's when I first bought it. But after about 4 hours of ice time it started to loosen up and now just awesome. I love my Bauer 9900!

    Review by Sam Jam Evong (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    I would buy this product again and

    love this product

    Review by Jim the Runner (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Bauer 9900

    Absolutely love this thing, it's great.

    Review by dicon'papa (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Doesnt get any better than this

    Overal one of the best helmets ive owned. If your looking for a good, quality helmet, this is the one to get

    Review by Big G (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Fantastic Helmet

    love the helmet. comfortable. almost forget you're wearing it.

    Review by goAFblue_7 (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Great but Pads Fall Out

    Pads started falling out almost immediately. Received a replacement from Bauer and those were lose right out of the box. They need to work on the adhesive since it will NOT last no matter how good you take care of and dry the helmet.

    Review by Vyper340 (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Super comfortable

    super light super tough really cool tool less adjustment.

    Review by Bad news (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Awesome helmet!

    This helmet one of the best on the market! It is way up there with the reebok 11k and the CCM V10. I would highly reccomend these to anyone who plays hockey!

    Review by hi (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Amazing Helmet!

    amazing helmet, one of the safest helmets, if not the safest.

    Review by m (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Bauer 9900 Helmet

    Got this helmet for Christmas and it is still in good condition. It hurt my head the first few times i used it but was fine after.

    Review by Snipes and cellys (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    The best

    I bought this one and i am fully sastisfy. The helmet is lightweight and really confortable.

    Review by Chewbacca08 (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Nice Lid!

    This helmet fits great and is the most comfortable hockey helmet I have ever worn. Lightweight and easy to adjust, everything about it is so much nicer than the old school lids.
    The only thing I don't like is the Occiptal Lock, the sliders are pretty flimsy and don't stay in place very well.

    Review by RealCAD (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Best Helmet On The Market!

    Alright so this helmet is easily the most protective helmet on the market. Since 90% of concussions are caused because of low impact hits you won't be needing a M11 because Chara isn't going to be coming at you at 120mph. The 9900 and 11k are for sure the most protective helmet out there right now. The S19 is a good helmet too but there is no way to customize it to your head shape so that's a very big con.

    Honestly I only trust Bauer with there equipment but I want to be completely honest about everything I say.

    Every helmet has it's pros and cons. It's pretty much impossible to have a perfect helmet. The 9900 is almost perfect. First off the pros of this helmet.
    1. It has stopped me from having several concussions because of it's phenomenal protection and patting.
    2. The customization on the helmet helps you allot. If a helmet fits you perfectly it will protect you more. If it's too snug can give you headaches, if it's too lose it will not benefit you what so ever.
    3. They put so much patting.
    4. They took lots of time to do research on hits so they could have one of the most protective helmets out there.

    Now to the cons.
    1. It scratches pretty easily but thats not a big deal.
    2. The front of the helmet sometimes doesn't help you with putting on a cage so you need to use a Bauer or CCM cage or a visor.
    3. This is a very very very very minor problem that they don't even need to fix but it's not a very good looking helmet.

    But overal I highly highly recommend getting this helmet. I couldn't compare the phenomenal protection on the 9900 to any other company's helmets.

    Job Well Done Bauer

    Review by FlexThatStick (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Black/Black with a combo sheild cage

    I chose this as a replacement for my old 4500, the step up in product made a huge difference in my play. I was using a 4500 helmet for about four years and it was a size too big along with being played out(no more give in the foam). All of the adjustments in the 9900 helmet are sick, it really fits snug and I moved down from a large to a medium which was a great decision.

    Review by Ollie the wing (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    I would buy this helmet in a heartbeat.

    I am a bantam level player and I have taken some big hits, but I am yet to get a concussion while wearing this helmet. It is very protective and lightweight.

    Review by Dangles (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Great fitting with some pressure points

    I had a cascade m11 before this one. Compared to the m11 this helmet is great. But the 9900 hurts my head. The temple padding needs too break in.

    Review by iSnipe54 (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Great helmet

    I love this helmet it fits great and looks sexy with a ccm 480 white cage with some hang :D

    Review by dirty dangler (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Don't buy!

    I've had the helmet for about a year and the padding is starting to fall out and the glue is sticking to my head. If your paying that much and it is suppose to be a top on the line product Bauer should not be using glue.
    I would not recommend this to anyone.

    Get the Bauer re act!

    Review by JB (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Amazing helmet!

    I wanted my first helmet to be a quality one. Bauer hit a homerun with the design of this helmet! I got the black and grey design which is very sharp. This helmet was very easy to adjust. You get everything from this helmet... Excellent protection and a great look! I just ordered the "Avision Ahead" shiled in all black to go with it, I can't wait to see how it will look. If you are looking for a great helmet that wont cost you an arm and a leg go with the Bauer 9900... You wont be disappointed.

    Review by Hotfire78 (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Great Helmet!

    I use this product for competative hockey. The great things about this helmet are that this is a really comfortable helmet, looks great with navy/gold, its a great price,cause you cant put a price for safety. The only things that bothered me about this helmet were basic things, like the temple pads are NOT comfortable at the begining, mine are still breaking in since almost the begining of the year.

    Review by Sniper shooter (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    "don't judge the book by the cover

    I play in a vary competitive hockey level. One time a puck hit me in the side of the head and it didn't hurt and didn't dent the helmet d it was shot hard to.

    Review by pman686 (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Comfortable But!!!!!!

    I use the BH9900 for rec hockey and tournaments. The helmet is light weight and easily adjustable. The down side to this helmet is the inner padding that is glued in. I have had the helmet just short of 12 months and all but three of the gel pads have fallen out. Supper glue does not work. When I contacted bauer they were very easy to deal with and are sending out a new helmet in the mail. Bauer customer service gets five stars but the helmet gets a three based on construction.

    Review by Sfd16 (Posted on 7/24/2016)

    this helmet is very uncomfortaby and gives me a headache after about 30 minutes, its a really cool looking helmet, i think bauer has the best looking helmets out there i would rec either a 4500 or a reakt

    Review by the dirty dangler (Posted on 7/24/2016)

    Good helmet but the padding ripped within 6 months

    Review by Duster (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Bauer 9900 helmet

    I have had this helmet for nearly 3 years and it is still working great. I love the poron xrd pading inside because it is so comfertable. Best helmet i have ever had. You will have to air it out after it because the poron xrd absorbs the sweat.

    Review by calgary hockey player (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    good helmet

    i like the helmet but the back pushes pretty hard on your head. thinking abouta react for my next helmet

    Review by bowvally18 (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Nice Helmet. One Problem.

    This is an outstanding helmet from Bauer. Great fit, excellent protection properties, easy to adjust, and well ventilated. The only drawback is the poron padding begins slipping after extended use of the helmet. The glue used to fasten the padding seems to lose its adhesive grip and turns into a slippery clear cream and the poron pads start sliding out of place. Eventually the pads slid right out of the bottom of the helmet or the inside ones stick to your head when you remove the helmet after a game. This is a real shame when it happens to such a top end helmet, it's really something I wouldn't expect from a Bauer top end product. This also occurred with my old 7500 helmet which is why I went to a higher end model. Don't get my wrong this is still a very good product and remains protective even when the padding starts slipping but I won't personally be buying a Bauer helmet again until they resolve this problem. I've picked up a competitors top end one piece model that offers a slightly different fitting concept and is very comfortable. The competitors model also absorbs moisture better and is substantially lighter and I can say so far I'm very happy with their helmet. Still I would not distract anyone from buying this helmet, it is still a good product.

    Review by Jack The Bean Stalker (Posted on 7/24/2016)
    Amazing bucket!!

    I got the helmet about a year and a half ago, for my birthday. I loved it right out of the box. It was so comfy and light and felt like nothing on my head! At tryouts, someone who was 6'3 (I'm only 5'8) came and smoked me, I got a concussion, and the helmet broke. The foam cracked from the impact and the ear piece shattered, but the doctor said it saved me from possible brain damage from all the gel and protection the helmet offered. The hit was so hard and my head shook a lot. This helmet is amazing, I have a re akt now and I'm loving it!

    Review by Clap Bomb Beauty (Posted on 7/24/2016)

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