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Two Types of Ice Hockey Bags

There are two types of ice hockey bags when it comes to toting your gear. You need an equipment bag for your skates, pads and other gear. Then you need an ice hockey stick bag for your ice hockey sticks and accessories.

Ice hockey bags for equipment are available in a regular duffle bag style as well as the same type of duffle bag style with wheels. There are also ice hockey backpacks that can carry your skates as well as other gear you can fit in them. These bags also have wheels for convenience. All of these equipment bags are excellent for carrying everything you need to play hockey. Rolling bags and backpacks are especially good for youth players who can't quite carry all of their ice hockey gear by themselves.

Ice hockey stick bags are vital for protecting your sticks and they make it convenient to haul more than once stick around with you. Many players have multiple sticks, and you never know when one might break and you have to have a back-up stick. Even youth players need more than one stick, and many go through three to ten sticks a season. If you have several sticks, then you might want to invest in a bag that has wheels. These are convenient for traveling by air and on ground. You can roll all your gear together and not break your back in the process.

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