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It's what you do before the season starts, and HockeyMonkey can get you there.

CCM JetSpeed FT6 Hockey ProtectiveCCM JetSpeed FT6 Hockey Protective

Engineered for maximum protection, the Jetspeed FT6Pro is CCM's lightest under-protective equipment without sacrificing protection. The AER-TEC technology allows the gear to breathe better, keeping your body cool and allowing you to perform your best every shift. The Jetspeed FT6 Pro line still offers maximum mobility while protecting you at all costs, with the added unique benefits of thermoregulation. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this new protective line is designed to help you perform at your best. Keep your focus on making the best plays under pressure from start to finish.

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Bauer Supreme ProtectiveBauer Supreme Protective

Bauer's newest line of SUPREME MACH protective gear helps you stay mobile while offering the most coverage  in their entire collection of protective gear. With more flex points, added padding, and total head-to-toe coverage, you can face any challenge confidently every time you step on the ice.

The M5 PRO family of protective gear takes notes from the elite-level MACH series and adds an extra layer of comfort technology.

Designed with key elements from the elite and pro-level lines, the M3 family is made to provide the best protection, comfort, and mobility straight off the shelf.

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CCM Next ProtectiveCCM Next Protective

Built for the competitor in us all. The CCM NEXT Protective collection has competitive-level protection for all - featuring a highly mobile and comfortable design focus. Featuring flexible and reliable protection with a light feel, the CCM Next Protective line is ideal for all ages, whether you are just starting out or seasoned-veteran playing for fun. Made for the NEXT generation of Hockey players, no matter the age!

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CCM Tacks AS-V Hockey ProtectiveCCM Tacks AS-V Hockey Protective

The Tacks AS-V Pro protective line provides players maximum protection with enhanced mobility for powerful players. The new Anatomical Shield Design construction is engineered to offer the highest quality protection, reinforced with D3O smart material in key areas to help absorb and distribute the toughest impacts. Coupled with a Flexmotion design, this line offers players elite level protection without sacrificing mobility or comfort.

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Bauer Vapor HyperLite Protective EquipmentBauer Vapor HyperLite Protective Equipment

The Vapor Hyperlite provides elite level protection in the lightest package available on the market. The Aerolite shoulder cap, Shocklite foam insert in the Sternum and Spine, and the EXOLite skin are engineered to absorb impact energy. The Flexprene vest, X-Lite Shield shin cap, and the 360 Forearm allow for a flexible fit on the ice. THERMOCORE Zero liner is treated to manage sweat and odor while providing a cooling effect to keep you fresh.

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Warrior Alpha LX Pro ProtectiveWarrior Alpha LX Pro Protective

Designs allow for lightweight yet protective equipment, giving your maximum performance and mobility. Compression molded EVA IMPAX foams added in key impact zones provides an additional level of protection where it's needed most. Strap systems with Fantom Stretch straps provide a comfortable fit that properly fits your body. Wartech FNC Liner is powered by Polygiene so you are always cool, dry, and odor free.

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