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Learn about Intermediate Elbow Pads

Intermediate elbow pads play a crucial role in safeguarding young hockey enthusiasts who are honing their skills and moving towards a higher level of gameplay. As these young athletes, generally aged between 12 to 15, become more adept at the sport, they often find themselves engaging in more competitive and physically demanding situations.

While getting the right size is essential for a proper fit, it’s important to also take into account other aspects like the strap system when choosing elbow pads. For guidance on determining the right size, you can refer to our detailed sizing guide. Understanding the features and benefits of intermediate elbow pads will help in making an informed choice that matches the player’s position and style of play.

Intermediate Elbow Pads FAQ

What level of protection do intermediate elbow pads provide?

Intermediate elbow pads are engineered to deliver a balanced level of protection, ideal for young players transitioning into faster and more aggressive gameplay scenarios. Crafted with reinforced padding and durable materials like high-density foam and plastic shielding, they absorb and dissipate impact forces, safeguarding the elbow joint and surrounding muscles and tendons during collisions or falls.

Unlike junior pads, intermediate elbow pads cater to the escalating intensity of gameplay with protection that ensures a full range of motion thanks to features like segmented foam and flex cuts.

How do the strap systems work?

The strap systems are designed for a secure and comfortable fit. They often feature adjustable straps that allow for a personalized fit, ensuring the pads stay in place during movement and gameplay. This functionality is crucial in providing protection while allowing for ease of movement.

How should the elbow pads feel when worn?

When worn correctly, intermediate elbow pads should feel snug but not restrictive. They should cover the elbow and part of the forearm and upper arm, providing comprehensive protection while allowing for a full range of motion. It’s essential that they stay in place during gameplay to offer consistent protection.

What materials are intermediate elbow pads typically made from?

Intermediate elbow pads are usually made from a combination of foam padding, plastic shielding, and breathable fabric linings. High-density foam and plastic provide the necessary impact protection, while breathable fabrics ensure comfort and ventilation, contributing to a better playing experience.

How do I maintain and clean my pads?

Maintenance is straightforward. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water, followed by air drying will keep your pads in prime condition. It’s advisable to avoid harsh detergents or placing them in the dryer as it may deteriorate the material. For more detailed maintenance tips, you should refer to the manufacturer’s care information. 

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