Konixx Rebel 74A Roller Hockey Wheel - Clear/Red

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Konixx was founded by inline players with a simple concept, make the best inline wheel possible and make it affordable. With years of development, research, and testing Konixx has developed some of the most preferred wheels in the industry.

By manufacturing a wheel for every type of player, Konixx is quickly becoming the go to for elite and recreational inline players.

The Konixx Rebel Roller Hockey Wheel is an indoor wheel built for speed and durability. Konixx's five-star hub and single pour, high rebound urethane formula gives skaters a faster, better performing wheel.

Konixx's Rebel wheel will have a 74A durometer.

Players looking for a quality indoor wheel at a bargain price should go for the Konixx Rebel 74A Roller Hockey Wheel.


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