Konixx Pulsar-X +0 Roller Hockey Wheel


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The Pulsar-X wheel features our newest formula, U-Base5™ offering an ideal balance of rigidity, firmness, and traction, without compromising the wear of the wheel. Joined to the proven Konixx K-Core™ hub, the Pulsar-X outperforms all other single pour wheels!

  • Features the Konixx K-Core™ hub for an optimum balance of wheel rigidity and flex
  • Poured with the Konixx U-Base 5™ formula
  • Performance boosted w/ Konixx Trac-Tech™, Infini-Tech™, & Veloci-Tech™ additives
  • Offered in +0 stiffness, optimum for up to 200 lbs
  • Available in 59, 68, 72, 76, and 80mm

The Pulsar-X is ideal for all tile surfaces, however, note that surfaces with large perforations such as DEK tile or others like it offer less surface area for the wheel to hold onto and may not offer the same results as other tile surfaces.


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