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Learn about Intermediate Shoulder Pads

Intermediate shoulder pads bridge the gap between junior and senior protective gear, tailored specifically for adolescent and young adult hockey players who are experiencing rapid growth. These pads are designed to fit players who may have outgrown junior sizes but are not yet ready for the full dimensions of senior pads. They offer the optimal combination of flexibility and protection, accommodating the developing physical attributes of the player without compromising on safety.

Made from advanced materials, the intermediate shoulder pads offer a snug fit, ensuring that the chest, back, and shoulders are well shielded during high-intensity games. It's essential for players in this transitional phase to ensure they have the right gear that caters to their unique needs, striking a balance between protection and agility.

Intermediate Shoulder Pads FAQ

At What Age Should Players Transition to Intermediate Shoulder Pads?

While age can be an indicator, it’s more about body size and skill level. Typically, players aged between 12 to 15 or those who are in between junior and senior gear sizes often opt for intermediate shoulder pads. 

Do Intermediate Shoulder Pads Compromise on Protection to Offer More Flexibility?

No, intermediate shoulder pads are designed to provide both protection and flexibility, catering to the dynamic needs of growing players. They are tailored to protect against the increased physicality faced by adolescent players while allowing for optimal movement. 

How can I ensure the best fit when choosing intermediate shoulder pads?

To ensure a perfect fit, measure the chest circumference and shoulder width, then refer to the sizing chart. Trying the pads on and checking for snugness without restriction is also essential. 

What Materials are Commonly Used in Intermediate Shoulder Pads for Optimal protection?

Intermediate shoulder pads utilize a combination of dense foam, molded plastic, and sometimes gel padding. The aim is to provide maximum protection without adding excessive weight, ensuring players remain agile on the ice. Modern materials are also geared towards better shock absorption and durability, ensuring long-lasting use and safety.

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