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Protect Your Hands from the Ice with Hockey Gloves

The ice can be brutal on your hands and without a good pair of hockey gloves and without them not only will your hands be stiff and frigid, but they can sustain injuries as well. There are hockey gloves designed for protection that still let you to play the game to the best of your ability.

When you're choosing the right hockey gloves for you, think about what you need. What type of hockey gloves are you looking for? There are goalie hockey gloves designed to allow the goalie catch the puck and then there are standard hockey gloves for intense playing conditions. There are also various sizes available for youths and adults, not to mention brands. Popular brand names for quality hockey gloves include Easton, Warrior, Tour, Eagle, and Mission.

The next consideration you should make is the protection level the gloves provide you. If you are buying your first set of league level hockey gloves, you will want hockey gloves that have a single layer of density foam. If you are looking for travel level gloves, then you will want hockey gloves with PE inserts that provide extra protection your fingers and the back of your hand. You may find that you want dual density foam, but this may make the gloves too stiff for you.

There is also the outer shell of the hockey gloves to consider. You have two options here. One, you can choose a knit or cloth-like outer cover. These are the lightest gloves and easy to break in. Alternately, you may choose synthetic leather shell gloves, which are more durable. Many professionals use knit hockey gloves because they are lighter.

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